UPDATE: Game Explodes Over Leaked “I Hit It First” Verse

UPDATE: Game Explodes Over Leaked “I Hit It First” Verse

West Coast rapper Game has come forward to lash out, once again, at media outlets over the alleged leak of his “I Hit It First” verse.

Game resorted to his Twitter page to deny ever recording bars to Ray J‘s “I Hit It First” smash.

“RT @ComplexMusic: Did @thegame drop a verse on I Hit it First? http://cmplx.it/1gKCY6R – man stop, some 1 took a old verse & put it on there,” Game tweeted March 2.

“Takin my old verses & putting it on different songs tryna stir up sh*t #LameAsF*ck !!! I respect Kanye & Kim, stop tryna f*ck up people lives”

“Now when I unleash the Monster on you b*tch a** n*ggas then y’all gone say I’m trip pin’… Keep playin.”

“Kim & Kanye are 2gether, they have a beautiful baby, Let em live. Me & Khloe just kool, let her live. Creating lame sh*t to drive blogs SMH” (Game’s Twitter)

An unheard version of Ray J’s anthem with Game’s vocals surfaced this weekend.

The Game didn’t outright say he boinked Kim Kardashian back in the day … but he did rap about it on a song with Ray J ?called, “I HIT IT FIRST” TMZ obtained an early demo of Ray J’s infamous song … turns out Game was originally featured on the track — and it sounds like he’s rapping about hooking up with Kim. Game is cryptic with his XXX lyrics — but makes reference to her store “Dash” … and says he’ll show people how to really “drive that ghost” (seemingly talking about Kim’s Rolls Royce Ghost.) He also raps about getting oral sex from someone in a private jet. All signs definitely point to sex. (TMZ)

A few days ago, Game pointed the finger at media outlets for going too far with cover of him previously dating Kim K.

“@TMZ being messy. I didn’t say I banged anyone. Spoke briefly on a very old situation & y’all put extra on it as only y’all would do. FOH,” Game tweeted February 27.

“Got a lot of love 4 Kanye, Kim & their union as well as family. Me & Khloe always been just kool. I have a woman & that ain’t changing !!!”

“Tryna f*ck peoples families up for headlines. SMFH, comes with the territory though so f*ck it !!!! Back to loving my kids & gettin this $$$” (Game’s Twitter)

Earlier in the week, Game revealed a romance between him and his “Wouldn’t Get Far” collaborator Kanye West’s fiancée previously existed.

The rapper, whose real name is Jayceon Taylor, made the revelation to the BBC’s DJ Charlie Sloth during an interview on Tuesday. “Those are just rumors,” The Game said with regards to Khloé. “It’s funny man cos me and Khloe we’re cool. People don’t know, but I’ve been knowing Khloé for 12 years. You know what I’m saying? I went and dated Kim for a while. A little short while.” (Celebuzz)

Check out Game’s “I Hit It First” verse:

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