UPDATE: Flavor Flav’s Wifey’s OD Reports Bogus, Reps Says It’s All About Ratings

UPDATE: Flavor Flav’s Wifey’s OD Reports Bogus, Reps Says It’s All About Ratings

Hours after Public Enemy rapper Flavor Flav‘s fiancée Liz Trujillo reportedly suffered an overdose, a representative has stepped forward to downplay what went down.

According to the rep, overdose reports were simply made to boost ratings for the upcoming season of reality television series “Couples Therapy.”

5:45 PM PT — A rep for Flavor tells TMZ, Liz was NOT treated for an OD. The rep says Liz was briefly treated for exhaustion at the hospital after being kept awake all night doing “Couples Therapy” stuff … and producers are hyping it up for ratings. The rep adds, “The claim of an overdose, or any involvement of drugs, could not be further from the truth.” (TMZ)

Coincidentally, a VH1 contact confirmed the overdose reports.

Flavor Flav and his main lady had a little scare. The reality TV star’s fiancée, Liz Trujillo, was hospitalized while filming Couples Therapy. The reason behind her visit, though, seems up for debate. A VH1 rep confirmed initial reports that a suspected overdose was behind Trujillo receiving treatment, telling E! News that it was accidental; that she only went to the hospital as a precaution; and that she was doing fine. (E! Online)

Details of what allegedly went down splattered the Internet Monday (April 1) afternoon.

Liz Trujillo, Flavor Flav’s fiance and the mother of one of his kids, reportedly overdosed on VH1’s Couples Therapy. And not, presumably, on love. Sources connected with the show tell TMZ that Liz agreed to appear on the show together to work on their relationship, only to OD on painkillers. The overdose was reportdly accidental and not a suicide attempt. Liz was said to be “acting strange” and it became apparent “she took too many pills.” The 39-year-old was rushed via ambulance to the hospital; she is expected to recover fully and will be released soon. So that’s a good thing. (The Hollywood Gossip)

No strangers to making headlines, Flav and Liz were involved in a domestic dispute last fall.

Flavor Flav’s fiance, Elizabeth Trujillo, tells RumorFix exclusively that the brutal attack she endured on October 17 stemmed from a fight over her fiancé cheating on her with another woman. And now RumorFix has a photo of the alleged mistress that the rapper was kissing just hours before he and Trujillo got into a nasty fight. (RumorFix)

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