UPDATE: Fabolous Adds Nicki Minaj To “There Is No Competition 2″ Mixtape, “It Just Keeps Getting Better”

UPDATE: Fabolous Adds Nicki Minaj To “There Is No Competition 2″ Mixtape, “It Just Keeps Getting Better”

New York rapper Fabolous has decided to delay his upcoming There Is No Competition 2 mixtape a bit longer, however, he is rewarding patient fans with the addition of a Nicki Minaj verse.

Writing via Twitter Monday (February 22) night, Fab shared his update with all followers.

“At Signature Hits magazine photo shoot.. Gettin some Rich Yung looks in.. #Niceeeeeeeeee,” he wrote Monday night. “Breaking #TiNc2 news, this just in.. A Nicki Minaj verse has been added! #ItJusKeepGettinBetter.” (Fabolous’ Twitter)

He recently explained why his return to the mixtape game was sparked by artists like Cam’ron, Drake and Lil Wayne.

“I had stopped doing the mixtapes because I felt we lost that,” he added. “Between DJs slopping together tapes just to make tapes and some artists really just putting two or three [new] songs together and a bunch of old songs and throwing a mixtape out. Certain DJs making unofficial tapes where they are just grabbing leaked stuff or taking stuff and putting it over other beats. I thought the game got saturated, but in ’09 and recently at the top of ’10, you seen Cam drop joints. Wayne dropped a joint, of course, Drake’s mixtape being infamous for being one of the best ones for ’09. It put the fuel back in me to do the mixtape thing. I was focused on a whole ‘nother agenda. Just having so many shows took my mind off of it.” (MTV)

Last December, Fab explained how he felt mixtapes were not as influential as they once were.

“I guess it’s particular artists that they attach to but I had felt even with the most high-class artists, people were getting so used to getting free music that the mixtape game wasn’t that influential anymore,” he said in an interview. “So when I seen what [Wayne’s] No Ceilings did, it let me see that there’s still definitely potential there, there’s still that market there. I think for me it’s definitely there because my albums tend to be a little more mainstream than my mixtapes.” (Real Talk NY)

Earlier this month, Fab also said his upcoming mixtape could feature a guest spot from Jadakiss.

“In Vegas, gettin a cut from @mardabarber.. I’m at Prive 2nite.. #itsgoindown like ya head when u doze off!,” he wrote via Twitter last week. “Had fun n Vegas, saw @therealkiss.. Says he got a verse 4 #TiNc2! Yall wouldn’t b mad at a day hold up 4 a Jadakiss verse would yall? Now I’m on the plane headin to Maryland 2 perform at Maryland Eastern Shore Univ. 2nite..” (Fabolous’ Twitter)

Check out Fabolous speaking on mixtapes below:

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