UPDATE: College Student Calls Tyga, “Rack City” Arrest Reports Bogus

UPDATE: College Student Calls Tyga, “Rack City” Arrest Reports Bogus

Days after an alleged female Tyga fan made headlines for reportedly getting arrested over spray-painting her college campus, Alyssa Bloechl has hit up SOHH to set the record straight.

According to the University of Wisconsin-Platteville student, her school newspaper ran a satirical story on her which, coincidentally, caught widespread media attention.

“Every semester, my school’s newspaper publishes our version of the “Onion”, called “The Antagonist.” This time the editorial staff decided to write fake police reports about each other. Mine was the first one listed, and that is why I think it got so much attention. It was written by one of the other editors as a joke, and we all wrote different ones about each other,” Bloechl told SOHH via statement. “It was completely satirical. Then someone shared a photo of my report on Facebook without stating that it was fake. It instantly got a lot of attention on Dacebook, Twitter, Imgur, Pinterest and multiple blogs. I had family members asking me if it was real. This was not meant to be seen as a real report, but a way for the other newspaper editors and I to practice writing satire. Obviously, we did a very good job. I am very disappointed in the number of people that would believe this is true, especially of those who I know. I feel things on the Internet today are taken way too seriously. As a journalist, I will always double and triple check my facts before I publish anything because I now know what the repercussions can do to a person if a piece of information is false. I just want this to be understood as a piece of really well written satire, that no one should believe. Matt Ahasay is also getting a lot of bad attention, because at the bottom of my report it says he was cited for sexual harassment. This was another satirical police report, and he of course was not charged with this crime.” (SOHH)

She has also taken to Twitter to clear up the confusion.

“@joe_maz im glad you like it, but this is however a very satirical “police report.” it was written a a joke in my school’s fake newspaper.,” she tweeted April 20th.

“@VEISHEAproblems thank you, but this is a satirical “police report” written in my school’s fake newspaper! i’m glad it’s such a hit!”

“i’m glad the @UWPexponent is helping teach people what satire is!” (Alyssa Bloechl’s Twitter)

Bloechl’s “arrest” reports began circulating online last week.

Tyga’s “Rack City” can make people do crazy things. That mischievous bass line alone incites some wild behavior, but it had a lasting effect on one girl. The 21-year-old tagged up her campus and and fled from police all in the name of “Rack City.” She eventually got caught and arrested, but it was probably worth it. Check out this story from a local paper. (Complex)

Based on the story, she was described as getting caught spraying down multiple school buildings.

Alyssa Bloechl, 21, Merill, was cited for disorderly conduct after being caught spray painting the words “Rack City B*tch” on several campus buildings. Once spotted by campus police, Bloechl fled the scene while shouting “ten ten ten twenties on ya t*tties b*tch” at the pursuing police men. Bloechl was eventually stopped and arrested. (ItsTheReal)

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