UPDATE: Chad Ochocinco’s Homemade Video Co-Star Identified

UPDATE: Chad Ochocinco’s Homemade Video Co-Star Identified

Free agent NFL star Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson‘s mysterious x-rated homemade video tape co-star has reportedly been unveiled as video vixen and model Theresa “Wankaego” Runyon.

Confirmation of her identity in the explicit footage emerged online Wednesday (December 26).

Earlier today, Chad admitted to being the “Johnson” in a leaked “adult film” he shot with some bangin’ tattooed jawn. Well, the identity of said jawn has been revealed and confirmed as a Florida-area model named Theresa “Wankaego” Runyon (@Wankaego on Twitter). According to the FCP report, she has covered Black Men’s Magazine, Urban Ink, and also has aspirations to become (wait for it….) a rapper…SMH Celebrity chop-downs are nothin’ new to this broad as she has also been known to have dalliances with both Bow Wow and Waka Flocka Flame. (Bossip)

Details on the other female co-star has already started to bubble.

But of course there is a person spotted in the background recording the act. That person is revealed when you continue. Her name is Jessica, and she most recently decided to leak text messages between she and Chad. According to LipstickAlley, the girl in the background recording the two in action is a New York stripper by the name of Jess. Ironically, I was just in the club with her Saturday. But that is neither here nor there. Small world. (Full Court Pumps)

Johnson has reportedly contacted the FBI to address his tape’s leak.

Former NFL star Chad Johnson has come up with a new gameplan to deal with a sex tape that’s been vexing him. The former all-pro has contacted the FBI, asking investigators to probe how the X-rated footage got hacked from his phone, sources close to Johnson told TMZ. Sources told the gossip site that Johnson has already admitted to being the man in the sexual highlight reel co-starring two female friends. The video was shot in a Florida hotel room three years ago and was meant to be private. (New York Daily News)

Details of the leaked tape’s existence circulated online on Christmas Day.

Chad Johnson acknowledges … a sex tape which appears to feature the former NFL star — along with TWO female friends — is REAL … but Chad insists he never wanted the footage to go public. Sources close to Johnson … ha, Johnson … tell TMZ the tape was shot roughly 3 years ago in a hotel room in Florida. We’re told Chad has no idea how the tape leaked to the Internet … but insists he wasn’t behind it … and now he’s exploring his legal options in hopes of having the tape removed from the web ASAP. (TMZ)

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