Update: Busta Rhymes Allowed Into London


After being detained at the London City Airport by immigration officials all morning, New York rapper Busta Rhymes has been granted permission to enter Great Britain.

According to TMZ, a local British court has ruled that the hip-hop star is allowed into the country, where he is scheduled to perform at an Orange RockCorps charity concert tomorrow (September 26). Although Busta has been to the UK twice during the last year, he was initially denied access because of his past criminal record.

Despite Busta’s lawyer, Philip Trott, offering various forms of paperwork justifying the rapper’s entrance, he was still denied by immigration authorities, who arranged to fly him to Amsterdam.

Once news broke about his detainment, High Court Judge Justice Flaux immediately granted an injunction to prevent the flight.

While organizers were urging officials to re-consider and allow Busta’s legal entrance into the country, the rapper’s idea to bring in Atlanta rap giant Ludacris was immediately set up.

While it is unclear if Luda will still be playing, Busta is set to perform alongside John Legend, The Automatic, Guillemots, Lethal Bizzle and Feeder at tomorrow’s show held at the Royal Albert Hall. The concert is held for 5,000 volunteers for their charity work.

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