UPDATE: 50 Cent/Max B Bail Reports False, Says Label CEO

UPDATE: 50 Cent/Max B Bail Reports False, Says Label CEO

While hip-hop fans may have been anticipating a Max B/G-Unit union following Friday morning reports claiming 50 Cent was allegedly bailing him out of jail, Amalgam Records CEO DJ Next says otherwise.

According to DJ Next, it is impossible for a bail to be set.

“There is no bail, you wouldn’t be able to bail him out at this point,” DJ Next, the CEO of Amalgam Records, Max’s longtime label home, tells XXL. “Basically I spoke to Max this morning, I was on the phone with Max and his mom, and Max hasn’t spoken to 50, not regarding this issue,” he continues. “It comes as a surprise to all of us. It’s shocking that a guy as vocal as 50 Cent would have Dame Grease speaking on his behalf. I cant speak for 50, I don’t know if he intends to do what Dame is claiming he’s saying, I’m not sure where it comes from, but I can tell you this: Max is still signed to Amalgam Digital, Amalgam Digital doesn’t know anything about it. Max doesn’t know anything about it. So we’re a lil confused right now, where Dame Grease is getting this from.” (XXL Mag)

Max’s longtime friend, producer Dame Grease hinted at the possible bail hours prior.

“@50cent Got 4 million for Max to come out! Mite Be Some Hi-Powered 2Pac sh*t bout to pop off!,” he tweeted June 30th. (Dame Grease’s Twitter)

Last week, Max B announced he is selling verses from his jail cell.

“I’m doing the three-verse special, 500 cash, I’m only doing this sh*t for a week, so if y’all trying to holla, y’all want to get in the game ’cause y’all want the wave up. ..I’m working, I’m writing and I’m waving it up, man. Only full week special, for a short time only. Three verses, five cash.” (Masar TV)

In April, the rapper said he hoped to be freed from his 75 year jail sentence before 2012.

The appeal process is done, finally, it’s been done for about a month now,” Max said in an interview with Mikey T the Movie Star. “So now what they do is, the prosecutor responds back and you get a letter. They tell you, you gotta wait eight to 10 months for a response from the appellate court…You might see me in the summer, you might see me at the end of the year. I’m just waiting on the appellate courts. All my paperwork is done.” (Mikey T The Movie Star)

Check out a recent Max B interview down below:

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