UPDATE: 50 Cent Gives Dr. Dre A Pass, “He’s Done Nothing But Help Me In My Career”

UPDATE: 50 Cent Gives Dr. Dre A Pass, “He’s Done Nothing But Help Me In My Career”

It appears 50 Cent has experienced a sudden change of heart by deciding to not leak a Dr. Dre record hours prior to promising to deliver the track himself.

Writing on Twitter, 50 said his respect for Dre and Interscope CEO Jimmy Iovine have altered his initial threat.

“I don’t know how I can record 41 song for my album and the one song I give interscope leaks But I don’t care its good music,” he tweeted July 27th.

“I wouldn’t leak dre’s record he has done nothing but help me in my career. jimmy has always been supportive of me.”

“I hate when I can’t present my music the way. I feel it should be but f*ck it check out I’m ON IT” (50 Cent’s Twitter)

Hours prior, 50 said he would release Dre’s “Psycho” single this week.

“I LOVE DRE but I’m putting his next single psycho out tomorrow at 2:00 #SK”

“Your gonna love it its a big song I just don’t think it deserves a great set up sense they can’t seem to get it right when it comes to me.” (50 Cent’s Twitter)

Last March, 50 spoke on his minor feud with Dre over their separate headphone brands.

“I have a strong personality, a strong character. And I can be difficult to deal with at certain points because I’m vocal. If you upset Em [Eminem], he’s just gonna not talk to you. You’re not going to get him in the next room you wanna get him in. With Dre, the same. He’s not comfortable with friction. That [tweet] is, ‘Hey look, I’m here. Is everybody still paying attention?’ So they go, “Why he say that? Why he say we mad?” Then the meeting happens.” (VIBE)

When asked about 50’s headphones a month prior, Dre denied prior knowledge of the rapper’s venture.

Dr. Dre totally DISSED his former protege 50 Cent in Los Angeles the other night … maybe … possibly … OK, we’re really not sure — but it’s all on tape!!!! Here’s the back story — 50 went on a Twitter tirade this week, claiming Dre HATES him because he’s launching a line of headphones to compete with Dre’s “Beats” line. But when we asked Dre about the beef out in front of Boa Steakhouse in Hollywood Tuesday night … Dre simply replied, “I never heard of his headphones.” DISS!!!!!!!!!!!! (maybe). (TMZ)

Check out some recent 50 Cent interview down below:

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