Unreleased Tupac Tracks Set For Auction, Buyers Beware Of Suge Knight

Unreleased Tupac Tracks Set For Auction, Buyers Beware Of Suge Knight

Never-before-heard recordings by the late Tupac Shakur, Snoop Dogg and other Death Row artists are set to be auctioned next week.

According to New York Daily News, “thousands” of tracks will be made available to all interested buyers from former Death Row head Suge Knight. Forced to auction off his famed label last summer, the upcoming sale will potentially sell the remaining collection of songs which came with the deal.

Despite the interest generated from owning unreleased records from Pac and Snoop, an unnamed source claims the auction will likely face problems, indirectly from Suge.

“It could be a tough sale,” a source told Daily News. “Some people don’t want to go near the catalogue because they think Suge still believes it’s his.”

Concern has grown since Death Row co-founder Lydia Harris went public claiming Suge verbally threatened her by saying “You dead, b*tch” at a court hearing when she was awarded $107 million in a January 2007 default settlement case.

“I’m not scared of Suge,” Harris told Daily News. “I think he knows I didn’t do anything wrong.”
As previously reported by SOHH, Death Row Records was sold for an estimated $24 million over the summer.

The unreleased tracks will be auctioned Thursday, January 15.
In related news, Suge escaped assault and battery charges in a case against girlfriend Melissa Isaac last month.

Suge’s attorneys were able to convince a Las Vegas judge to toss out both charges against the mogul due to a “lack of production in discvery and the failure of witnesses to be subpoenaed.”

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