Universal Previews Drake’s “Thank Me Later” Debut, “He Will Be Doing A Track W/ Dr. Dre & Eminem”

Universal Previews Drake’s “Thank Me Later” Debut, “He Will Be Doing A Track W/ Dr. Dre & Eminem”

Universal Music has reportedly previewed a portion of Drake‘s upcoming Thank Me Later album which features production from Kanye West, Timbaland and more.

Based off a write-up from attendee Ace Burpee, Drake will also be linking with Eminem and Dr. Dre for the album.

1) There’s a song on the disc called “Fireworks” that has the greatest beat ever. Drake has this sidekick producer called 40, and he’s talented. I met him as well this afternoon and he’s also a good kid. He’s about to be very, very busy. “Fireworks” has a hook on it courtesy of Kings of Leon. It’s catchy. 2) There is a Kanye West-produced track on the album that comes with a story. The track was made by Kanye for Beyonce, but Drake really wanted it so he wrote her a handwritten letter asking if he could use it. She read it and thought it was sweet and e-mailed him to give her permission. It’s a great track. 3) There’s a Jay-Z/Drake track that he played for us – minus Jay’s verse. Jay-Z doesn’t let anyone hear his stuff before it comes out. Drake claims it is the greatest verse Jay’s ever done. 4) I think the final track on the album is called “Thank Me Now” or something. He played us a recorded verse then did another one live and it was one of the best. Really cool. 5) He sings on a bunch of tracks on the album. 6) This Saturday Drake will be in L.A. doing a track with Dr. Dre and Eminem. 7) Yes, there is a Timbaland beat on the album.” (Winnipeg Free Press)

Producer Boi-1da recently spoke on what fans could expect from the Canadian emcee’s debut.

“Let me just say that the album is coming sooner than anyone can expect, when it’s just going to drop. It’s coming very soon, and it’s going to be very close to now. That’s all I’m going to say. And this isn’t it. I mean this ‘Over,’ joint is dope but Thank Me Later as a whole, is probably…and I’m not being biased cause I worked on it…but from what I’ve heard it’s one of the greatest albums I’ve ever heard. I haven’t heard some songs, just because Drake’s been on the road and he’s still doing some recording. It’s just an album of Epic-ness.” (The Source)

Last month, Drake said he was influenced by artists like Nas and Andre 3000 for the project’s completion.

“It’s gonna be bigger, it’s gonna sound happier,” Drake said comparing it to his So Far Gone album. “Yeah, it’s gonna sound bigger, it’s gonna sound victorious because that’s where I am in my life — I really studied Nas to be honest, Nas was like somebody that I used to listen to his raps and not really understand ‘how’ he did it, I always wanted to understand how he painted those pictures and his bar structure and all of that. I went back and really studied Nas, studied Andre 3000 [for this album] and I hope you like it.” (IM Flashy)

Recent reports suggest the project will be arriving in stores around May.

Drake’s LP is a reflection of how the upstart Toronto MC has become hip-hop’s new leading man. “I tried to capture every great moment I’ve had in the last year,” he says. “It’s triumphant.” To wit: He raps about a presumed love affair with Rihanna and his friendship with mentor Lil Wayne on “Fireworks.” Drake mostly eschewed big names in favor of home-town producers (Boi-1da, Noah “40” Shebib) and a collaboration with New York indie rockers Francis and the Lights. “It’s gonna be interesting,” he says. “I hope it’s pleasing to the ear.” (Rolling Stone)

Check out Drake talking about his debut down below:

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