Uncle Murda Stands Behind The Heat: “When We Put Something out, It’s B/C We’re 100% Confident”

Uncle Murda Stands Behind The Heat: “When We Put Something out, It’s B/C We’re 100% Confident”

[With the Internet still buzzing over Uncle Murda a.k.a UM's new 'The Response' anthem, the East New York rapper speaks to SOHH readers about his music-making, issuing no apologies in rap, loving the ladies and his status with Suge Knight.]

It’s all about having a solid team. We’re not “Yes” men. When we get into the lab and come up with sh*t, it’s no “Yes” men. If someone’s not feeling something, especially myself, I go over my own sh*t so much, when we put something out, it’s because we’re 100 percent confident with the record. We’ll bet our bottom dollar on it. It’s like whatever.

As long as I have my solid crew around me, I’m confident about throwing out another record because I know everybody on my team felt it. That’s all I need for the muscic to come out.

I don’t worry about the backlash and I don’t try to disrespect the ladies. I love the ladies. I don’t try to disrespect them. I ain’t trying to put their personal business out there. I want all the sexy, independent ladies to keep doing what they do.

That’s it. I show the ladies love. I’m not trying to disrespect them. Now if the disrespect themselves, I might point that out and sh*t like that because I do speak my mind and I can’t f*cking help it. But I got love for the ladies.

I just want Miley Cyrus to keep twerking it. I just want her to keep twerking it. That’s it. We love her. Miley’s popping. I might bring her to the hood. I might actually have Miley in the projects, give her a whole new look.

There was no backlash with the Suge Knight ["Do Somethin'" record]. There was no backlash.

I don’t ever second-guess myself. It’s just me. It’s how I feel. I never have to second-guess that.

Uncle Murda is a New York rapper known for his East New York roots. Signed to Def Jam by Jay-Z in the mid-2000’s, Murda has collaborated with tons of big acts including Jay-Z, Jim Jones, DJ Green Lantern, French Montana, Jadakiss, Styles P and more. Murda is currently signed to Epic Records.

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