Uncle Murda Changes His Rap Alias Again: “I Don’t Want To Scare The Money Away No More” [Video]

Uncle Murda Changes His Rap Alias Again: “I Don’t Want To Scare The Money Away No More” [Video]

Brooklyn rapper Uncle Murda has announced the creation of a new rap alias once again in light of pressure from major retailers and club promoters.

According to Uncle Murda, he will keep his content the same but simply go by his rap alias’ initials.

“The new name is UM,” Murda revealed in an interview. “It’s still Uncle Murda, but the new name is UM and that’s just for business purposes — to make the money come a little bit easier. I know the Murda thing’s been holding me back. When I come to shows, they be scared to book me. They’ll still book me because the record will be doing good, Hot 97’ll be going in and all that, but you know, I still get booked but it be making it difficult. Even god bless when Chris Lighty was here, doing a lot of the business, he’d reach out and we’d still get it but we would have to change the name, we’d have to say ‘Uncle M’ or ‘UM’ for certain things he’d have me do for Pepsi — I don’t want to scare the money away no more.” (Hot 97)

In summer 2011, Murda said he did not understand why rock group The Killers do not face the same pressure that he does.

“It’s always been Uncle Murda, but Uncle M was used because [my manager] Chris Lighty got me doing a couple things like Vitaminwater, Coca-Cola — when it’s about that money, I don’t mind taking the ‘Murda’ off,” Uncle Murda explained in an interview. “You know it’s going to be Uncle Murda — You got [rock group] The Killers, they got records in Wal-Mart, Target — what sounds worse, Uncle Murda or The Killers? They both sound bad but I mean, sh*t. If you’re gonna let one rock, let the other rock. I just think people think Murda is always talking kill, kill, kill but that’s not true. I got other types of music that I make but I don’t get a chance to put it out because the situation ain’t right and I gotta give the streets what they want.” (Rap Radar)

In summer 2009, Uncle Murda talked about changing his rap moniker to “Uncle M”.

“It’s just about getting me out everywhere,” Murda said in an interview. “You’ll definitely still get the same hardcore music because that’s my life. But you gotta understand, Uncle Murda, well, probably the ‘Murda’ will never get [to retail stores] that I need. All this will scare the money away just for certain things just when you hear like ‘Uncle Murda.’ That’s me, I done stamped that already…We trying to get some money…The content of music is still going to be the same, you still gonna get Uncle Murda, but we gonna talk to the ladies — because I do like to have fun. Everything ain’t about murder when it comes to me and my life. I’m not shooting or killing 24/7. That’s not going down everyday.” (Mixtape Monster)

Murda previously said he would make the name change official when ready to hit retail markets.

“When it’s time to get that money, it’s definitely, Uncle M,” Murda said in an interview. “We not gonna let nothing stop the money. You see, the ‘m’ is for the money, Murda, menage a trois, marijuana, whatever you want. You know, the ‘m’ covers everything.” (True Stories Radio)

Check out Uncle Murda’s interview:

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