Uncle Luke Threatens Rap Return After Lil Wayne Dispute: “There’s No Leadership In The Hip Hop Game In MIA”

Uncle Luke Threatens Rap Return After Lil Wayne Dispute: “There’s No Leadership In The Hip Hop Game In MIA”

Young Money’s Lil Wayne appears to have really gotten under the skin of 2 Live Crew’s Uncle Luke as the Miami native has revealed plans to possibly end his retirement for a return to the hip-hop game.

Luke said a lack of leadership in the South Beach area hip-hop scene has him considering a music comeback.

“@DahnDahlas you’re right that is why I’m seriously thinking about coming out of retirement there’s no leadership in the hip hop game in Mia,” Luke tweeted February 22nd. (Uncle Luke’s Twitter)

The hip-hop artist’s comments follow Weezy F. Baby claiming he knew Luke’s stance toward him following last weekend’s public jabs at the Miami Heat.

“Yup,” Wayne said in an interview when asked if his daughter is really signed to Young Money. “I’d expect my daughter to be the bigger person in that situation — I can’t change nobody’s personal opinion. I can’t change nobody’s personal view. I can just keep doing what I do and keep putting food on the table for my family and that’s what I’m going to do no matter what. … I haven’t [read Luke’s letter], but I already know how he feels about me. I’ve never met him actually. … Ever since I got here, there were billboards and signs saying, ‘Lil Wayne, Go Back Home,’ you know what I mean? And I didn’t do anything.” (99 Jamz)

Luke struck first by issuing an open letter directed at Wayne over his remarks.

“He has no respect for the city because people in Miami’s entertainment industry — from local radio DJs to South Beach nightclub promoters to the Heat’s front office — spread their legs for him and every out-of-town celebrity who rolls through town. Lil Wayne treats Miami like his b*tch because people let him. When Weezy claimed he was thrown out of the Heat home game versus the Lakers, the franchise tried to downplay the incident, saying they only asked him to leave and he left on his own. That was a b*tch move.” (Miami New Times)

His words did not fall on deaf ears and, instead, inspired Miami’s Trick Daddy to speak out.

“I don’t care who be offended by what I say. I rep my city and want nobody disrespecting. When their lease is up, they can leave. We’ve got to stick together as radio, as artists, as deejays and fans who love the music as a whole. And that’s what makes a community. Me and Luke been talking, we’ve been getting together, we’re going to find out some type of way to get this thing back on the road — I can’t go nowhere else, this is my home. So from now on, when they get here, they’re going to have to start checking in. They’re going to check in by turning to 99 Jamz and listening to us, what we’ve got to say. They’re taking all of our beats and rapping over them anyway.” (99 Jamz)

Uncle Luke’s last solo album, My Life & Freaky Times, dropped in March 2006.

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