Uncle Luke Still Upset W/ French Montana & Diddy: “Let Me Tell You How It All Went Off”

Uncle Luke Still Upset W/ French Montana & Diddy: “Let Me Tell You How It All Went Off”

2 Live Crew’s Uncle Luke has stepped forward to speak out on his issues toward Bad Boy Records, notably French Montana and Diddy, over the chart-blazing “Pop That” anthem.

According to Luke, neither Puff or French fully came clean to him on sampling his “I Wanna Rock” hit.

“Ok, let me tell you how it all went off. In the beginning Puffy told me to come to do a video shoot in Miami on Memorial Day last year,” Luke said in an interview. “I asked, ‘What video shoot, to what song?,’ because I work with a lot of kids. They never told me the name of the song nor did they ever send me a copy of the song. So they were basically trying to set me up to be a part of a video shoot to a song that had me appearing on it. … Second of all these guys had press conferences – this stuff is all online – and this guy is sitting here saying, ‘Hey I just did a song with Uncle Luke and all these other guys on the song.’ So we’re seeing this information online and seeing all the press conferences, and I’m thinking like, ‘What song did I do with this guy? I really don’t even know the guy.’ So they did the video and that’s why I didn’t appear in the video, because I wasn’t going to appear in anything I didn’t hear or know anything about.” (Hot 97)

A few months ago Montana said his crew did reach out to Luke before the record dropped but discovered the Miami hip-hop artist did not own the rights to “I Wanna Rock.”

“Nah, he needs to own his product in order to be paid,” Montana said when asked if Luke had received money for sampling his “I Wanna Rock.” “We paid somebody named Jay something. He’s the one that own it, so, you know. When the record was about to come out, we reached out to him as anybody with any respect for anybody would, and then we find out he didn’t even own it. So, what we gonna pay you for? I mean, we brought you out at the BET Awards. Yeah, you know? If you don’t own the product, then what am I paying you for? That’s called extortion.” (Power 99 FM)

Last October, Luke said he would talk to Bad Boy Records CEO Diddy about getting paid.

“Pop That,” set to appear on French’s forthcoming debut Excuse My French, samples the former 2 Live Crew rapper’s single “I Wanna Rock.” And according to Luke, he hasn’t been compensated just yet. “When I heard the song I said, ‘Oh this is a hit,’ and the next thing I said is, ‘Where’s my check?” Luke told MTV News on the red carpet at the 2012 BET Hip-Hop Awards. “Ain’t nobody told me about my check yet. I have not gotten the check yet, so I’m looking for the check,” he said, adding that he would track down French’s boss to sort it all out. “I’m gonna talk to Diddy in the back about it.” (MTV)

Back in July, Montana put out a music video to complement the summer hit.

When Drake, Lil Wayne, Rick Ross and French Montana throw a pool party for a music video, two things are definitely going to be involved. There’s bound to be a bevy of scantily clad women (the song is called “Pop That,” after all) and more than enough product placement. Each of them has their products to push: Rozay rides hard for Ciroc, Lil Wayne drops a horribly unsubtle reference to his clothing line, TRUKFIT, and someone is seen smoking a hookah that’s made from a bottle of Moet. (Huffington Post)

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