Uncle Luke Shreds Lil Wayne, Ja Rule’s Protective Custody Bid, Cam’ron Steals The Shine

In this week’s Pulse Report, Uncle Luke proves why he’s still the sheriff in Miami, Ja Rule‘s protective custody jailing gets exposed, Cam’ron takes the shine from Lil Wayne and oh SOHH much more goes down!

1. Say Uncle

I won’t lie to y’all, I really thought Uncle Luke was just one of those old school, whining hip-hop artists that has nothing better to do than complain about what’s hot and talk about the good ol’ days. Well, he kinda is but I started realizing dude has really put in some work and has a right to actually vent out a bit over what Lil Wayne said about the Miami Heat (I agree though) last weekend at the NBA All-Star Weekend festivities. Luke might have had a few appearances in “Rappers Say The Darndest Things” but this week, he spoke (wrote) and I listened (read) every last word. Peep his little rant over what Lil Wayne said:

“He has no respect for the city because people in Miami’s entertainment industry — from local radio DJs to South Beach nightclub promoters to the Heat’s front office — spread their legs for him and every out-of-town celebrity who rolls through town. Lil Wayne treats Miami like his b*tch because people let him. When Weezy claimed he was thrown out of the Heat home game versus the Lakers, the franchise tried to downplay the incident, saying they only asked him to leave and he left on his own. That was a b*tch move.” (Miami New Times)

“Hell, I want to know what Rick Ross, DJ Khaled, and all these so-called 305 rappers who hang with Lil Wayne have to say about him disrespecting our home team. They need to set Lil Wayne straight. When you disrespect Miami, you can’t be allowed into any arena, restaurant, club, or even McDonald’s to get a burger. And you better not show your face in the hood. None of this bullsh*t would have happened under my watch. In 1992, when I had a beef with Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre, they had to cancel a concert in Miami. For years, they couldn’t set foot in the 305 because it was so hot. Suge Knight had to come down and smoke a peace pipe with me.” (Miami New Times)

There’s a whole lot more, I’m just keeping what SOHH posted up in their coverage on here. Luke was pretty dead on. How much love does Lil Wayne receive around the world, but especially out in Miami? The whole entire Young Money crew act like they forgot about New Orleans and have stakes in the city of Miami. LOL. I wouldn’t be surprised to see them featured in a future Grand Theft Auto: Vice City game later down the road. LOL. But Luke’s right, who is going to speak up and out at Wayne? There’s so much butt kissing going around that the idea of Wayne being scolded at all doesn’t seem right. Even before Wayne started crying and apologizing, Luke had the jump on him:

“Don’t be surprised this cat gets on local radio with a fake a** apology the same station that supports them and no local artist,” Luke tweeted February 20th.

“Can someone move to Oakland buy a house then go to a game and say the Raiders ain’t s*** and think they going to stay in Oakland ?” (Uncle Luke’s Twitter)

^ LOL! Now that’s FUNNY! Not only was Luke right about Wayne doing an apology, but the fact he made sure to do it with a 99 Jamz radio station? LOL. Good stuff, Luke. I might have to start peeping your column more often!

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