Tyler The Creator To Adult Swin: Sit Your “BlackA**” Down

Tyler The Creator To Adult Swin: Sit Your “BlackA**” Down

Just weeks after being rumored to have an Adult Swim pilot in the works, Odd Future’s Tyler the Creator has questioned the network’s revealing the show’s official name as “BlackA**.”

Tyler resorted to his Twitter page to dispel the show’s alleged title.

“It’s Not Called Blacka**, Where The F*ck Are Yall Getting This From?,” Tyler tweeted Friday (April 29). (Tyler the Creator’s Twitter)

A commercial spot for their show has been showing up on Adult Swim as of late.

“Back in March, it was announced that Odd Future would be having their own pilot for Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim. We haven’t heard much since, until Adult Swim had released a commerical for the upcoming program. They are calling it “BlackA**” for the time being (nothing’s offical) “Be sure to thank Tyler the Creator and Odd Future the next time you run into them. They’re working on a show they are calling: ‘a mixture of Jacka** and Chappelle’s Show.’ We’re calling it ‘Blacka**.’ At least until S&P calls us. [adult swim]” (Odd Future Talk)

Outside of television, Odd Future signed a record deal with RED Distribution/Sony this week.

“It’s based on getting the distribution deal we’ve always envisioned that allows the group to ‘sign themselves’ to their own company and keep their masters. They will have 100% creative control of all aspects of their music, art, and release schedule with no 3rd party participation in outside business. Freedom and ownership was the whole point. Red and Sony know that its in everyone’s best interest to maintain the group’s authenticity and control. They built it, they deserve it. There’s no cheesy hooks or fluorescent liquor product placements in the works.. It’s about to be fun.. and different.. ” (Rap Radar)

Additional reporting claims the deal was worth nearly $3 million.

So according to insiders, Odd Future and team caught a $2.5 million check with that Sony/RED pressing and distribution deal. Now P&D deals are the only thing RED does, so the issues of masters ownership and control weren’t really a problem. But this is certainly a huge number for a crew with such a meteoric rise to recognition. (Miss Info TV)

Check out Adult Swim’s Odd Future spot down below:

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