Tyler The Creator On Bruno Mars, “He Put On A Good Performance, But I Still Hate His F*cking Music”

Tyler The Creator On Bruno Mars, “He Put On A Good Performance, But I Still Hate His F*cking Music”

Odd Future’s Tyler, the Creator has shared his post-Video Music Awards ’11 ceremony views and said despite co-signing music rival Bruno MarsAmy Winehouse tribute, he still cannot get down with him.

Reflecting on last night’s show, Tyler reminded fans he won’t get caught listening to Mars’ tunes.

During the VMAs pre-show, Tyler revealed that he hates music of fellow best new artist nominee Bruno Mars. In fact, if “Grenade” by Mars had won over “Yonkers,” Tyler said, “I might kill myself.” As for Mars’s tribute to the late Amy Winehouse, he said, “He put on a good performance. But I still hate his f–king music.” (PEOPLE)

Last night, Mars kept the late Amy Winehouse’s memory alive by performing her rendition of the song, “Valerie”.

The musical section of the tribute had Bruno Mars digging into the Winehouse cover of the Zutons‘ “Valerie,” taking the stage in a sharp blue sharkskin suit, his hair in an impressive pompadour as he rocked his best 1950s sock-hop look. Backed by a big band that included a three-piece string and horn section — with Amy’s name inside of a heart emblazoned on the drummer’s bass drum. The big, bouncy tune was accompanied by some pop-art-style images of Winehouse that filled the big screen at the back of the stage, which alternated with some Roy Lichtenstein-type comic-book-inspired graphics. Adele was singing along in her seat, and during the breakdown, the horn section came in around a vintage mike and sang some doo-wop backing vocals under a single spotlight in a scene straight out of “Grease.” (MTV)

In May, the pop star downplayed Tyler’s past disses and taunts.

In his breakout song “Yonkers,” Tyler, the Creator, the madcap 20-year-old leader of Los Angeles rap collective Odd Future, threatens to “stab Bruno Mars in his g*ddamn esophagus.” Well, take a number, Tyler: In an exclusive interview with SPIN, the Hawaiian pop crooner responded to the dis for the first time ever: “[Tyler] has to wait in line if he wants to stab me,” he said. “[Tyler’s] definitely not the first guy that’s said something like that to me and he’s not going to be the last.” (SPIN)

Tyler later explained name checking Mars on his “Yonkers” anthem and said fans should not cite his issues with him as a beef.

“I mean, it wasn’t really a diss on my behalf,” Tyler said referring to his jab at B.o.B. on “Yonkers.” “I just hate the f*cking song. Yeah, the airplane song. I’m just gonna keep it a hundred. It’s not a beef or anything, it’s whatever. [Bruno Mars?] Oh dude, I hate that guy. Have you seen his face? You don’t want to hit him?” (Hot 97)

Check out Tyler, the Creator discussing Bruno Mars below:

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