Tyler, The Creator & Lil Wayne Can’t Do The Dew, T.I’s Hustle Gets Knocked, Kriss Kan’t Kross Anymore


In this week’s Pulse Report, we’re going to look at how Tyler, the Creator and Lil Wayne are making Mountain Dew look like the new Reebok, check out why T.I.‘s Hustle Gang isn’t getting any love, pay homage to the late Chris Kelly of Kriss Kross and oh SOHH much more!

[Editor’s Note: The views expressed in this column do not necessarily reflect those of SOHH]

1. Don’t Do The Dew


What the hell is going on with Mountain Dew these days? Have these mothersuckas really have turned into the new Reebok? Think about it for a second. First we have Rick Ross getting protested on about that Molly and bringing a woman home to enjoy that thang, oh yeah, while she didn’t even know it, then you have Tyler, the Creator and Lil Wayne pretty much following suit. The Lil Wayne situation is completely different from what happened with Tyler but the bottom line is no endorsement deal is safe anymore. LOL. What happened with Rick Ross and Reebok has made any and every upset person feel like they can go after the big companies for any and everything. Let’s start first with the Tyler, the Creator situation.

Tyler, the Creator, Mountain Dew & The Racist Ad:


An online video promoting Mountain Dew that stars members of the Los Angeles-based hip hop collective Odd Future is being called racist and misogynistic. The 59-second ad depicts a detective drinking a Mountain Dew while prodding a bruised and beaten white woman to pick out her attacker from a lineup of four black men – members of Odd Future – and a goat. The ad first appeared on Odd Future’s YouTube channel and has since been taken down. It’s unclear what role Mountain Dew had in producing the spot and the video does not appear on Mountain Dew’s official Facebook page or website. But Odd Future musician Tyler the Creator said in a recent interview that he met with company representatives about his idea for a goat commercial and got it budgeted. (NBC Bay Area)

Lil Wayne, Mountain Dew & Emmett Till:


The family of Emmett Till says a letter from Lil Wayne fell short of an apology for his crude reference to the civil rights martyr, and they want a meeting with the rapper and representatives from PepsiCo to discuss their commercial partnership. A publicist for the Rev. Al Sharpton says he is attempting to arrange a meeting between the parties to work out differences over Wayne’s vulgar reference to Till in a song lyric. Wayne has a contract to promote PepsiCo product Mountain Dew. (USA Today)

SMH. You can’t even blame Tyler, the Creator or Lil Wayne though, they’re just doing what they feel is funny and clever. We’re starting to see a very interesting shift as these major companies are going to have to really look at what they’re putting their money into. If you want to be a part of the hip-hop community, you have to take the good with the bad. Don’t just turn your back on a paid spokesperson when the going gets tough.

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