Tyler The Creator Envisions Earl Sweatshirt’s Future, “The World Will Be Ours!”

Tyler The Creator Envisions Earl Sweatshirt’s Future, “The World Will Be Ours!”

Odd Future’s Tyler the Creator has shared his reaction to estranged group member Earl Sweatshirt finally coming forward and updating fans on his whereabouts after months of “Free Earl” campaigns.

Writing on his Twitter page, Tyler showed support for Earl and envisioned what the future held for them.

“He’ll Be Back In Due Time, Just Wait. Thats My N*gga, He Now Has A Home To Come Too. No F*cking Pressure. Hopefully Fans Respect That.,” Tyler tweeted late Monday (May 16) night.

“And Respect His, His Moms And Familys Privacy. This Goes For Writers Too. Miss You N*gga, FREE THE EARLY MAN. The World Will Be Ours! OF” (Tyler the Creator’s Twitter)

Yesterday, Earl came out and spoke to his fans via a statement.

“Initially I was really pleased that all these people claimed that they wanted me released because I thought that translated into ‘they care,'” Earl wrote. “So time progresses and the fan base gets bigger and the ‘Free Earl’ chants get louder but now with the ‘Free Earl’ chants come a barely indirect ‘F*ck Earl’s Mom’ and in the blink of an eye my worry changes from ‘will there still be this hype when I get back’ to ‘Oh sh*t I just inspired a widespread movement of people who are dedicated to the downfall of my mom.’ … The only thing I need as of right now is space. I’ve still got work to do and don’t need the additional stress of fearing for my family’s physical well-being. Space means no more ‘Free Earl.’ I miss home. I don’t have any definite date though. Even if I did I don’t know if I’d tell you. You’ll hear from me without a doubt when I’m ready.” (New Yorker)

Last month, Complex magazine put together their resources and claimed Earl was enrolled into a treatment program.

Odd Future member Earl Sweatshirt has been missing since the group’s rise to prominence, but his presence is still felt. You can feel the energy at their live shows: Fans yell for Earl tracks to be played, and the Wolf Gang wilds out like the man legally known as Thebe Kgositsile is right next to them. But he’s not, and locating the talented (alleged) 17-year-old is a task no one has been able to accomplish. Until now. Complex has done this type of investigative reporting before, and pinpointing Earl’s whereabouts was no less arduous, but after taking hints from everything from Facebook posts to OFWGKTA songs, we finally have some answers. Where in the world is Earl Sweatshirt? (Complex)

Initial speculation developed suggesting Earl was deliberately taken out of the spotlight by his parents.

The leader of the group is a 19 year-old named Tyler, or Tyler The Creator. The second-most prominent of the group is a rapper named Hodgy Beats. The rest of the group splinter off into sub-groups. The youngest member is Earl Sweatshirt, who was recently sent away to boarding school by his parents. (Esquire)

Check out some recent Odd Future footage below:

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