Tyga Out $16,000 In Battle After No-Show

Tyga Out $16,000 In Battle After No-Show

Young Money rapper Tyga’s decision to not show up to a court hearing recently has cost him over $16,000 in a default judgement to his accountant.

According to reports, the settlement stems from a lawsuit dating back to last year.

Accountant Robert Seltzer claims he and the rapper struck an oral agreement back in 2011 … in which Tyga could use Robert’s CC to charge food, hotel, and transportation while touring — and then pay him back at the end of each month. Problem is … Tyga never paid, so he sued to get his money back — $13,396, plus interest. But Tyga missed his court date … so a judge entered a default judgment in Robert’s favor and ordered the rapper to cough up $16,801.67. We’re told Tyga has paid some of the cash back. (TMZ)

This all comes on the heels of Tyga recently getting sued by a few video vixen.

Three women from his “Make It Nasty,” Alissa Rae Ross, Azia Davis, and Elizabeth Velasquez filed lawsuits against the rapper, Dec. 28. According to the claim made by the models, the advertisement put out by the casting agency specifically stated that “There will be NO nudity involved in the video, and all the girls will be tastefully shot,” TMZ reported. But during the filming of the video, the director asked the models to remove their tops, July 2. He calmed them down asking not to worry saying he will see to it the nipples will be “covered” or “edited out.” Though in the regular version of the video, it was edited, a “dirty” or “uncensored” version of the video was released via Tyga’s Twitter page, July 28. (MStarz)

While an initial “Make It Nasty” video premiered last December, its more explicit version dropped over the summer.

The music video for “Make It Nasty” was uploaded to YouTube on the 4th December 2011, it contains explicit content so it cannot be shown on TV. It was directed by Alex Nazari. On July 28, 2012 a second video containing explicit content was released for the song Directed by Colin Tilley. (Wikipedia)

Outside of legal drama, Tyga recently entered fatherhood with the birth of his son.

There’s a new addition to the YMCMB family, and it seems that Young Money boss Lil Wayne couldn’t be happier. Weezy was all smiles Thursday morning (October 18) when MTV News caught up with him in Las Vegas and asked about Tyga’s two-day-old son, King Cairo Stevenson. “Yeah, lil Cairo, shout out to Tyga and his new little baby boy Cairo,” a grinning Wayne said. For years, Wayne has balanced life in the spotlight and his role as a father. And while he does say he has some O.G. advice for his Young Money artist, he intends to keep those words of wisdom private for now. “If there is any advice I have for Tyga, I would give that to Tyga,” he said bluntly. (MTV)

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