Tyga & Ice Cube Flip Drake’s ‘SFTB’ For Their City: “How Do You Kill A Bird W/ A Bat?” [Audio]

Tyga & Ice Cube Flip Drake’s ‘SFTB’ For Their City: “How Do You Kill A Bird W/ A Bat?” [Audio]

With the upcoming World Series down to four final MLB teams, West Coast hip-hop artists Ice Cube, Tyga, Ty Dolla $ign and more have united to release a rally track for their Los Angeles Dodgers.

Put together courtesy of radio personality DJ Felli Fel, the new “Dodgers Anthem 2013″ showcases the Cali artists standing behind the iconic baseball franchise.

The Dodgers may have fallen to the St. Louis Cardinals in Game 1 of the National League Championship but that doesn’t stop DJ Felli Fel to gather some of Los Angeles’ best on the music side to record the 2013 Dodgers Anthem. Listen to their take on Drake’s ‘Started From The Bottom’. (HHNM)

Cube starts the track with some trash-talking aimed at the Dodgers’ National League Championship Series foe, the St. Louis Cardinals.

“Eh yo Felli, how do you kill a bird with a bat?,” Cube says on the song’s intro. “Ha ha. We ain’t tripping off no Cardinals, no Red Sox, no A’s, no Tigers. It’s all about that World Series ring! I don’t mean a thing if you don’t got that ring! Tell ‘em y’all!” (“Dodgers Anthem 2013″)

Tyga adds some fuel to the track by name-dropping various Dodgers players and executives.

“T-Raw strong with a Dodgers cap,” Tyga adds. “All-blue snap bandana, where the mirror at/Exit off the five, Magic put the city on the map/Pitcher like Ryu, I hit it like Matt/Boss so hard, went pro” (“Dodgers Anthem 2013″)

In late March 2012, sports icon Magic Johnson made headlines for helping purchase the respected Dodgers team.

Magic Johnson and a group of similarly deep-pocketed investors were the winning bidders at an auction on Tuesday night to buy the Los Angeles Dodgers for a staggering $2.15 billion — easily breaking previous records for the amount of money shelled out for a U.S. sports franchise. Racked by debt, the legendary Dodgers had been previously owned by Frank MCourt; McCourt will enter into a new venture with Johnson et al on the land surrounding the Dodgers stadium. (Us Magazine)

Check out “Dodgers Anthem 2013″:

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