Tyga Comes Clean About Lying On “Bustas” Game Show

Tyga Comes Clean About Lying On “Bustas” Game Show

West Coast rapper Tyga has reportedly faced the music after unaired footage of his appearance on a game show called “Bustas” surfaced last week and clarified some of his remarks.

Despite describing a fancy upbringing, Tyga now claims he only spent a short amount of time living the good life.

But Tyga’s telling his friends that was all a lie — when the rapper said he lived in a well-to-do area of the Valley, he was referring to a short period of time in his life, during which he just so happened to tape the game show segment. T-Raww’s insisting he’s REALLY from Compton and his stint in the Valley was only temporary. Nevertheless, we’re told Tyga’s unfazed by the clip, insisting he’s come a long way since his goofy game show days … and no embarrassing video is gonna stop him because “he still has plenty of money and will still have huge hits.” As for his reputation in the Young Money crew — our sources tell us, everyone’s standing beside him … because he’s family now. (TMZ)

Tyga also hopped onto his Twitter page last week to address the hype.

“When u 14 an ambitious u don’t give a f*k about anything. Scripted tv isn’t that what we all live for.Hahahaha,” Tyga tweeted December 3rd.

“That was funny Hahahaha”

“Get off my d**k. Go download #187Mixtape” (Tyga’s Twitter)

The archived footage surfaced across the Internet in early December.

Rapper Tyga enjoyed a cushy upbringing in the Valley — NOT Compton — at least that’s what the rapper said on a game show back in 2008 … and TMZ has obtained the unaired footage. The show was called “Bustas” — where wannabe-rappers compete against each other to see who can embody ugly rap stereotypes the best … playing borderline-offensive games like “Guess the Rapper By His Grill” and “Is This a Real Rolex?” Tyga appeared on the show … and immediately sacrificed any semblance of street cred in the process … claiming he grew up in a well-to-do household in the Valley, and his parents drove a Range Rover. But Tyga — who has since claimed he grew up in Compton — insisted, “I’m still street.” (TMZ)

In another segment of the show, he catches heat over a freestyle rap.

Thankfully for Tyga, the show was never picked up and the clip never made it to air … until now. The highlight: “Bustas” culminates with a freestyle rap, in which the contestants are asked to incorporate buzz words like “amoeba” into their raps, and Tyga’s so bad … he gets his ass boo’d off stage. (For the record, Tyga does not know how to pronounce the word “amoeba”) It’s pretty bad — but you should check out the video to see if Tyga actually loses the entire show. (TMZ)

Check out the “Bustas” footage:

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