Tyga Claws Poor Rapper Reports, “He’s Not Some Broke-A** Squatter”

Tyga Claws Poor Rapper Reports, “He’s Not Some Broke-A** Squatter”

Young Money rapper Tyga is roaring back at reports this week which suggest he may be living on hard times and cannot afford monthly payments on a fancy California home.

According to a Tyga rep, the rapper is far from broke and is living the luxury life.

Tyga INSISTS … he’s not some broke-a** squatter who’s refusing to pay rent on a Malibu crib — in fact, he claims he just bought a $6.5-million mansion 20 miles away. TMZ broke the story … a Malibu landlord named Gholamreza Rezai sued Tyga, claiming the rapper is screwing him on the $16,000-per-month rent … but continues to live in the home. But a rep for Tyga tells TMZ the lawsuit is 100% B.S … insisting he gave the landlord the necessary 30 days notice before he left … and everything should be square. (TMZ)

Tyga’s camp also cited his ex-landlord for being unwilling to let him out of a lease.

Tyga also claims he’s definitely NOT living in the home … because he’s shacked up at a brand new 9,279-square-foot mansion he purchased in Calabasas. The rep says the landlord is being unreasonable — and wants to keep Tyga locked in the lease because he can’t find anyone to cover the hefty rent in such a crappy economy. As for Tyga’s new crib — we’re told it’s ginormous … boasting 7 bedrooms, 8 baths, a movie theater, pool spa, waterfall, tennis courts, gym — the works. (TMZ)

Reports of the rapper’s residence melee flooded the Internet over the weekend.

In a lawsuit obtained by TMZ (who else?), Tyga’s landlord, Gholamreza Rezai, sues Tyga as well as Cash Money Music for back rent. Apparently Tyga signed a year-long lease in June for the gorgeous Malibu pad, agreeing to pay $16,000 per month. (Yes, that’s $16,000 — with three zeroes!) Only problem is, Tyga stopped paying rent last month. Is he too busy dropping cash at strip joints? Rezai said that Tyga told him he’d wanted to move out by the end of September, claiming fans kept showing up at his door and that he didn’t feel the property was safe nor secure enough to deal with the constant clamor. (Pop Crush)

The rap star recently gave his take on attention-seeking bloggers.

“Motherf*ckers is d*ck riders. Motherf*ckers don’t post the sh*t that they really, really love. They post the sh*t that the readers want to see and gets views. It’s like, Internet world. I be seeing sh*t and I be like, “C’mon dude.” Even on some fashion sh*t, I check out y’all site and other sites and I’m like, “Man, I had them sh*ts six months ago.” People aren’t really seeing what I’m doing. When I finally do it, n*ggas think like, “He’s just biting this person.” N*gga, I don’t shop anywhere else but Paris. I don’t even buy my clothes in the States. On some real sh*t. I know what I be doing, that’s why I be threatening to other people. I don’t really worry about what the blogs say because I still sell out shows and I still got my fan base that’s loyal to me. And I love what I’m doing.” (Complex)

Check out some past Tyga footage below:

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