Ty Dolla $ign Preps ATL Takeover: “I’m On A Bigger & Better Stage & I’m Coming W/ It” [Contest]

Ty Dolla $ign Preps ATL Takeover: “I’m On A Bigger & Better Stage & I’m Coming W/ It” [Contest]

[48 hours away from invading the annual A3C Hip Hop Festival stage, Taylor Gang’s Ty Dolla $ign gives SOHH readers the inside scoop on what they can expect when he takes over the Atlanta, Georgia showcase.]

I’m heading out to Atlanta at the end of this week. I went to A3C last year and it was crazy. This year, I’m on a bigger and better stage and I’m coming with it.

You can just expect hella energy when you come out and see me perform. I get crazy energy and f*cking excited. It’s because I get really f*cked up before, really stoned and quiet and then everybody’s like, “Oh, what the f*ck? You’re turned down!” And then I get onto the stage and turn into a whole new f*cking guy.

I’m coming with the energy and good music.

For anyone that’s never been, if you’ve been to South by Southwebst, A3C is kind of like that. There’s stages everywhere and there are different people performing and all types of people are coming from all over the country to see the shows.

It’s a cool meeting spot for music heads and fans. It’s a great opportunity and I’m happy to be a part of it.

I’m going to give you an assortment of all my sh*t when I’m performing. You’re going to hear Back Up Drive, Beach House, Beach House 2 and maybe even some of the street records I dropped. I’m going to come with it.

Welcome to the omnivorous world of the South Central-raised star born, Tyrone Griffin. Music is in his blood. His father was in the funk band Lakeside (“Fantastic Voyage”) and an uncle was in the Isley Brothers. Ty has been creating music since he was a three-year old writing lyrics and playing a keyboard. Since then, he’s taught himself how to play the drums, bass guitar, electric and acoustic guitar, the violin, the piano, and the Wurlitzer organ. His inspirations go way deeper than just R&B. Ella Fitzgerald, 2Pac, Prince, Michael Jackson and Nirvana are as important to his conception of sound as Mint Condition and Brian McKnight. So is contemporary electronic music. If anything, Ty Dolla $ign might be heir to DJ Quik’s title of America’s most complete artist.

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To learn more and attend this week’s A3C Hip Hop Festival, click here!

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