Twista Exposes The Windy City’s Problems, “[We’re] In Trouble Right Now”

Twista Exposes The Windy City’s Problems, “[We’re] In Trouble Right Now”

Chicago rapper Twista attempts to aid with his hometown’s violence epidemic in a new documentary set to drop next week called Mr. Immortality: The Life & Times of Twista.

The film, set to drop December 7th, features the swift-tongued emcee discussing his city’s struggle with crime.

“Our city is in trouble right now with 52 people shot in one weekend in July alone,” he says at one point during the documentary. “In April, there were even talks about having the National Guard come out and take to our streets…It’s hard for a lot of people out there right now and nobody can help make it easier for Chicago’s neighborhoods except for the people who live in it.” The Windy City rapper goes on to cite other specific stats about the increased violence in the city and also calls on his hometown to unite in order to “make it safer for the older people who’s been living in these neighborhoods for years.” (Rap Fix)

Last month, Twista opened up about what he hopes viewers will take away from his documentary.

“It’s really about me just talking about my longevity in the game and also shows them a more personal view of me and a relaxed side. I also talk about the violence in the Midwest, so it wasn’t just a documentary about my life, but also a documentary of someone like me coming from the Midwest and what the current state of it now…You got rappers trying to be involved like Kanye and Common, and you actually got Rhymefest that’s trying to run for office up there. So, eventually they will realize what’s going on and I think we all want to see Chicago in a better place. As far as the violence going down, I personally don’t see it going down like that, but on a positive level there are more police out here.” (Hip Hop Wired)

Twista is also known for giving back to his community through food drives.

Last year, the Food Depository distributed 66 million pounds of nonperishable food and fresh produce, dairy products and meat, the equivalent of 135,000 meals every day. “It means a lot to me to be able to give back to the very place that has supported me and truly stuck by me all these years. It’s my duty and pleasure to feed the area that fed me,” says Twista. The Food Depository’s programs and services for children, older adults and the unemployed and underemployed address the root causes of hunger. However the nonprofit organization always needs the help community leaders to maintain their out reach and Twista has made his commitment urging others to do the same. (Hip Hop Press)

Last month, Twista released his latest solo album which debuted on the sales chart.

Chicago rapper Twista’s Perfect Storm debuted on the chart this week at No. 42. With a week under his belt, the fast rhyme-slinger’s new LP has sold 14,200 units. (SOHH Sales Wrap)

Check out some recent footage of Twista down below:

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