Tweet Warns Twitter Of Potential Lawsuit: “It’s No Rumor – There’s A Case & There’s Room For That”

Tweet Warns Twitter Of Potential Lawsuit: “It’s No Rumor – There’s A Case & There’s Room For That”

Elusive singer Tweet has come back onto the scene with plans of dropping a new album later this year and revealed the possibility of taking legal action against Twitter over sharing the same name.

While she has not pulled the trigger, Tweet did admit she has thought about pursuing the mega social networking company to set things straight.

“No. If anything, Twitter would have to change something up,” Tweet said when asked if she would consider changing her music alias. “I was here first, and they took everything that I brought to the table. I brought the bird, the name and I will never change. I’ve been Tweet since I was a little girl. It’s not a phase name, that’s who I am. My father gave me that nickname, so no way am I changing that at all. [A lawsuit rumor against Twitter?] No, it’s no rumor. I didn’t go that far, yet. [Did I think about it?] Yes, there is a case, and there is room for that. I haven’t really pursued it fully yet.” (AHH)

She also discussed putting out new records after an extensive hiatus from the music spotlight.

“From five years ago up until now, I’m writing about stuff that I go through. I’m ordinary just like everybody else. I just go through everything everybody else go through. Love lost, love found, happiness, joy, all the emotions and everyday life experiences. That’s what I write about. That hasn’t changed. These are things out of my diary.” (AHH)

A couple years ago, R&B diva Syleena Johnson hit up SOHH and said she came close to collaborating with Tweet.

“Tweet and I were going to work on a project together [at some point], but we never got a chance to work on it. I’ve always wanted her for this song whether it was going to be for a project or not. I’ve always loved her voice. When I wrote the song and sang it, it was [initially] going to be a song by myself but when I heard it I thought, “Tweet would sound so great on this song.” It was just the perfect song for her voice so I was very blessed and lucky to get in contact with her and have her to do the song with me. I think I may have texted her and asked her to do this and it was great because my label stepped in as well and took over with her people and my people. I guess it’s easy when the people know each other and they first agree, then everything else is really easy.” (SOHH Singled Out)

The music veteran is most known for invading the music scene in the early 2000’s.

In 2002 the successful duo of Missy Elliott and Timbaland presented Tweet, a soulful vocalist with hip-hop savvy and unrestrained sexuality. Like Sparxxx’s debut album, Tweet’s debut, Southern Hummingbird, featured production by Timbaland and vocals by Elliott, most notably on the lead single, “Oops (Oh My).” The single became an overnight hit, and a remix for the song featuring Fabolous garnered even more spins on urban radio, helping her cross over to the rap audience and setting the stage for her album’s awaited release date. Before debuting with “Oops (Oh My),” Tweet had appeared alongside Elliott on “Take Away” (a single also featuring Ginuwine from Miss E…So Addictive) and “X” (an album track from Ja Rule‘s Pain Is Love). It’s Me Again followed in 2005. (All Music)

Check out Tweet’s “Enough”:

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