Turk On 2 Chainz Reuniting The Hot Boys: “He Called [Us] & We All Answered”

Turk On 2 Chainz Reuniting The Hot Boys: “He Called [Us] & We All Answered”

[With the Internet still buzzing over 2 Chainz’s “Used To” behind-the-scenes footage hinting at a Hot Boys reunion, Cash Money affiliate Turk gives SOHH readers the inside scoop on what really went down.]

Let me tell you what it was. 2 Chainz has been a fan of the Hot Boys. He’s from the South. The Hot Boys influenced a whole lot of people from the South that’s in hip-hop right now.

2 Chainz gave me a call. He called me, he called Juvie and he called Fresh and we all answered. We influenced him and through Wayne, it was a Hot Boys reunion without B.G. But we made sure we represented B.G. just like we represented him at the BMI Awards earlier this year.

It’s like the Hot Boys reunion is coming together and the world wants it. We can’t deny it. The only thing that’s holding it back is B.G. being locked up so we gotta go forward with it as much as we can. We gotta give the people as much as we can and continue to represent B.G. until he hits these streets.

We were having fun. It was a whole lot. I shot my own music video while I was down there as well called “It’s Hot.” It’ll be out real soon and Wayne, Juvenile, Mannie Fresh, 2 Chainz, they’re all in my video too.

So we were able to do two videos down there. We were able to mix and mingle with the people in New Orleans. They all came together.

It was so packed down there. We didn’t shoot footage uptown, we shot it downtown, where Mannie Fresh was from. But we even had people from uptown, where I’m from, come through and show up. They’re all in my video and in 2 Chainz’s video.

It was just love. Nobody didn’t have any problems. There weren’t any shootings, everybody got along. No police had to arrest nobody. After that, it was a party after the video. It was love. It wasn’t for the cameras.

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Check out the behind the scenes footage:

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