Turk Explains Controversial Lil Wayne Drug Comments

Turk Explains Controversial Lil Wayne Drug Comments

Former Cash Money Records rapper Turk has stepped forward to clear the air on recent comments he made about Lil Wayne and denied trying to spark a beef with his ex-labelmate.

According to Turk, his comments were simply misconstrued and taken out of context.

Lil Wayne’s former bandmate says the media got it twisted … he did NOT say Weezy is or was strung out on drugs and tells TMZ there’s nothing but love between them. Several websites took the comment as a shot at Lil Wayne — but Turk wants to make it clear … “Not one time did I say that Lil Wayne is on drugs. I was talking about myself having a drug problem in the past and what my problem personally was.” Turk says when the story blew up he immediately reached out to tell Weezy his words had been “misconstrued” … and they squashed the whole mess. (TMZ)

Recently, Turk insisted his relationship with Weezy is still secure despite going their separate ways in the music industry.

“Me and Wayne, we good. That’s like my little brother but we grew apart. I got my own movement, I just was locked up. If I’d a been out, it would have been the same results, you know what I’m saying? I’ve kind of been dazzing because I was wilding for real. I think my thing’s gonna go farther. I got people that can relate to me and I can relate to. I’m not Michael Jackson, I’m not weird — some of these dudes out here, you can’t even touch ‘em, you can’t even talk to ‘em.” (G14 Radio)

He also touched up on the possibility of Weezy F. Baby having no control over his actions due to drug usage.

“I used to be in a circle where I was caught up with some drugs. I used to do heroin and cocaine, I used to shoot heroin and cocaine like an old n*gga,” Turk added. “When I was 15, 16 years-old, couldn’t nobody tell me nothing. The only thing I can say on that situation is when you under the influence of anything that’s altering your mind, anything out loud will come out your mouth. … It’s those drugs that’s overpowering you, it’s those spirits overpowering you. Wayne like a little brother to me and I know that’s not Wayne. When I see certain pictures of him, I know that’s not Wayne. When I see Wayne, I see the Lil Wayne when we used to be in the Holiday Inn doing things together, battling in the studio — that’s the Wayne I see. … I’d rather not talk about the Wayne that’s happening today because I don’t know that Wayne. I can’t speak on that Wayne. I was gone the whole time.” (G14 Radio)

Back in October, Turk said he knew Wayne’s work ethic would make him a certified hip-hop star.

“To see Lil Wayne, Baby, the whole Cash Money doin’ they thing, it’s not a surprise to me, because I know how Cash Money rock,” Turk told MTV News. “They get it in, you know what I’m saying? That’s what we all come from. We come from that. We come from doing a whole album in a week. Mannie Fresh get in the studio, we all get in the studio … ‘What you got? Let me hear something.’ Then bam! He put the beat, we put the rap and there it go. So when I was hearing Lil Wayne was doing all these mixtapes, doing all these features, people in jail and people on the phone when I’m callin’ home be like, ‘Yo, man, your dog doin’ this and this and that,’ it wasn’t no surprise to me. I don’t know why it was a surprise to the world. But I always knew that Wayne was gonna be how he is, ’cause he was focused.” (MTV)

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