Turk Doubles Up In H-Town W/ Hurricane Chris & J. Prince: “We Rode In About 60 Deep. Literally”

Turk Doubles Up In H-Town W/ Hurricane Chris & J. Prince: “We Rode In About 60 Deep. Literally”

[After lighting up Houston, Texas on Saturday (February 8) with a birthday celebration and Rap-A-Lot signing party, former Hot Boys member Turk gives SOHH readers the inside scoop on tearing up H-Town.]

My birthday was Saturday and I had just signed a deal with Rap-A-Lot. I had got an idea to have a party in Houston already and so it only made sense to bring the two celebrations together. So I put together the birthday and Rap-A-Lot signing party.

We pulled the whips out and everything was formal. I had my wife with me, my homeboys, people from New Orleans, [Rap-A-Lot founder] J. Prince brought people in, people flew in. It was big.

Initially the event was going to be private for the people that know me. But once I hit Houston and started promoting it, the whole event just started getting bigger. We rode in about 60 deep. Literally. There were people waiting outside in their cars and it was just getting crazy.

I actually performed during the event. I grabbed the mic and my initial reaction was to just talk to the people but the deejay started playing my show. As soon as I hit the club, I usually wait for my performers, but as soon as I got there it took about 30 minutes before I hit the stage.

Hurricane Chris came through and performed. My YNT boys came through and performed with me. We just opened up the whole floor. It was for the people. It was a lot of love. People flew in from New Orleans, Memphis, Chicago and everywhere.

It felt like it was the NBA All-Star Weekend kick-off even though it’s going down next weekend in my city, New Orleans. We’re having a part two to my party down in New Orleans next week.

In New Orleans, there’s going to be a lot of surprises and things to look forward to. All of my people in New Orleans were like, “What’s going on with us out in New Orleans?” I wanted to surprise them but I couldn’t surprise them because it was so hard on me. So I just let them know we’re going out there for part two.

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