Turk Confirms Juvenile & Mannie Fresh Hot Boys Peace Calling: “We Just Squashed It”

Turk Confirms Juvenile & Mannie Fresh Hot Boys Peace Calling: “We Just Squashed It”

[With the fear of a Hot Boys feud now history, former Cash Money Records artist Turk speaks to SOHH readers about how things were immediately worked out with pals Juvenile and Mannie Fresh over a disputed reunion concert.]

It was like a mutual reaching out. You come into the game with n*ggas that you’ve just been around for so long and you sit back and you have other people in your ear and they’re like, “Look, y’all need to sit down and settle that and ride.”

It’s always something small that turns into something big. The bigger person always needs to learn to let their ego go. We just came together as one. Me, Juvenile and Mannie Fresh.

First I talked to Juve. We talked. We were joking and laughing and we realized it was something petty and small. Then I talked to Mannie Fresh and it was the same thing. We just squashed it. I feel like it was meant to happen that way for us to move forward.

It was a lot of misunderstanding on all sides. But we good now.

We had to talk it out and look at the big picture. We’re all brothers. In all families, you’re going to have somebody that falls out or agrees with you. That’s what it was. It took us to go through that. Like, I had to go through my situation by going to prison for all those years.

You have to go through something and I take responsibility for my life. I can go and shoot off and sometimes I might be right about some things but you got to keep some things kept in and you have to deal with that person directly. I’m glad we were ablet to handle this as a man.

That meant a lot to see Juve go on Instagram and say everything was all right. I actually had woke up to that and when I seen it, it showed me that it wasn’t just some conversation that we had.

I actually just retweeted one of his songs on Twitter and Juve just followed me. Everything just falls into place like it’s supposed to be. I look at Juve like a big brother and Mannie as well. Everything is all good. It ain’t no beef.

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