Turk Cashes Out The Lil Wayne, Baby & YMCMB Beef Reports, Reveals Who Personally Reached Out

Turk Cashes Out The Lil Wayne, Baby & YMCMB Beef Reports, Reveals Who Personally Reached Out

Hot Boys’ Turk has come forward to clear the air on reports claiming he sent shots toward his Cash Money Records family for not showing support in light of his father’s recent tragic death.

Despite the dicey headlines, Turk denied having any serious beef with YMCMB but did admit he was upset over not receiving some support over his loss.

“I want to get your attention now. Enough is enough. It wasn’t no diss. It wasn’t no beef. It was letting them see me on tape. I know they on the road, I know they doing their own thing. But its been a week. I haven’t gotten a phone call. I was just reaching out in the best way and the only way I knew how at that time. I still haven’t had a phone call. I still haven’t gotten a response. I wasn’t asking them to send them no money or anything. A lot of people in the media they took it the wrong way and worded it and titled it the wrong way.” (XXL Mag)

Turk also noted a few key artists that reached out including Juvenile, Mack Maine and Lil Chuckee.

“When I sent it out, it was a message to my Cash Money brothers of love and peace. They flipped the words and said what they said. If you listen to the video, you basically hear me saying you keep doing y’all thing I’m going to keep doing my thing. Y’all say y’all mess with me I expect y’all to be there. Whether y’all call and said, “I send my condolences. Keep ya head up.” Mack Maine, he texted me. He told me, “Keep ya head up.” Juvenile, he texted me. He told me, “Keep ya head up.” Lil Chuckee he tweeted out and he’ll come perform. A few people [reached out]–Trinidad Jame$, Paul Wall, Stalley. C-Murder sent flowers from jail. A lot of people in the industry was reaching out and my fans who was there and my family who been there.” (XXL Mag)

In the video clip, Turk publicly revealed trying to get a hold of his Cash Money fan but receiving no responses.

“I just want to make this real quick,” Turk said in a video. “Baby, Slim, Wayne, Mannie Fresh, all you n*ggas who claim y’all my homeboys, claim y’all f*ck with me, you know what I’m saying? I’ve been reaching out to y’all n*ggas and ain’t nobody respond. My daddy got killed, y’all look at the news, y’all see what’s going on — I just want y’all to know it ain’t no love lost. I’m still gonna be real. I can’t make a n*gga be real but it is what it is. Y’all showed me on too many occasions but right now this the last straw. It’s all good – y’all keep doing what y’all doing, I’ma do what I do. Me and my family gonna get through this together with my fans. I appreciate everybody that is there for me and whoever not, who say they gonna be, it is what it is. Time reveal every man. I learned that throughout the years and that’s what I’m still surviving.” (Turk MrYnt)

Turk personally reached out to SOHH to discuss his father’s passing last week.

“Words could never explain the loss of a father,” Turk told SOHH via an exclusive statement. “My Daddy was crazy about me since the day I was born. We had a great relationship. People would say, ‘Man, you look just like Turk,’ and he would say, ‘No, Turk look like me.’ We have the same name, ‘Tab Virgil’ and when I told him that I named my twin sons after us he said, ‘Ooooool ooh.’ [He] was always kind hearted to kids. I’m going to miss my dog. Rest in peace.” (SOHH)

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