Tupac Shakur Death Threat, Extortion Docs Released By FBI

Tupac Shakur Death Threat, Extortion Docs Released By FBI

Late rapper Tupac Shakur has made headlines as new FBI documents reveal he was once the target of multiple death and extortion threats prior to his 1997 fatal shooting.

According to the documents, Pac became the Jewish Defense League’s center of attention.

His papers, however, focus more on death threats he and his California peers received from the Jewish Defense League, a pro-Israel domestic terrorist organization, than his own 1996 murder. The September 1997 findings reveal that the “JDL and others yet identified have been extorting money from various rap music stars via death threats.” The JDL apparently would contact artist–Shakur included–by phone, claiming that their lives were in danger, then offer their protective services for a fee. Before being shot to death Sept. 7 in Las Vegas after attending a Mike Tyson fight, Shakur had been called by the group, though a conclusive connection to his death has not subsequently been made. (Entertainment Weekly)

In addition to Pac, late N.W.A. leader Eazy-E was also mentioned in the FBI files.

The file they posted on Tupac, however, spans just 102 pages. The document details an extortion scheme allegedly perpetrated against ‘Pac and late N.W.A. founder Eazy E by the Jewish Defense League, a Jewish nationalist group that has been characterized as a domestic terrorist organization by the FBI. The scheme reportedly involved an anonymous subject making death threats against well-known rap artists such as Shakur and E by telephone, at which point the JDL would step in and offer protection services to the targeted superstars for a “fee.” (XXL Mag)

Earlier this month, a listing of personal belongings for the late Notorious B.I.G. were unveiled in leaked FBI documents.

On Friday, the FBI unveiled its overhauled reading room, which they have re-christened “The Vault.” Along with a spiffy new document reader and a search option, the bureau has uploaded dozens of new files, material that has previously been processed in response to Freedom of Information Act requests. While the Wallace file provides little news, it does offer one hip-hop curio, the Los Angeles Police Department property report itemizing the Wallace belongings catalogued post-homicide. As seen in this excerpt, evidence gathered by investigators included pot in a plastic baggy; bloodstained Karl Kani jeans (size 48); a pair of size 13 Timberlands; a Bernini sweater (size 54); and a Primatene Mist asthma inhaler. And, of course, “3 condoms” that an LAPD official reported were “Magnum” and “Larger Size.” (The Smoking Gun)

Following B.I.G.’s leaked docs, the Los Angeles Police Department said no new leads in locating his murderer had developed.

LAPD Capt. Kevin McClure, head of the department’s Robbery Homicide Division, said Wednesday that the LAPD’s investigation into the killing of the rapper, whose real name was Christopher Wallace, remains open, but that detectives have exhausted the leads they were pursuing. “We have followed up on all of the leads we have at this time to the best of our ability. If anything new comes along we will certainly look at it,” he said. (Los Angles Times)

Check out some past Tupac Shakur down below:

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