Tru Life’s Brother Linked To Fatal Gang Stabbing

Tru Life’s Brother Linked To Fatal Gang Stabbing

Former Roc-A-Fella artist Tru Life‘s brother has reportedly been linked to a fatal stabbing which took place in New York City earlier this week.

The incident occurred Monday (June 15) morning in Manhattan.

Gang members looking to avenge the shooting of a drug dealer stabbed two men – one fatally – in a Manhattan apartment building lobby Monday, police sources said. Investigators believe five men were waiting in parked cars and jumped their victims when they stepped into the lobby just before 9:30 a.m. Jason Black, 30, and an 18 year-old man each suffered several stab wounds to their chests and faces. The teenager – whose name was not released – died a short time later, while Black is listed in critical condition at Bellevue Hospital. Investigators believe he was shot as part of an ongoing fight between Black and the brother of rapper Tru Life, a budding hip-hop star. (New York Daily News)

Tru’s brother has reportedly been spotted alongside the rapper in various confrontational situations.

According to investigators, the men retaliated against the earlier shooting of a man named Michael Slater. The man authorities say is a suspected drug dealer was shot in abdomen outside nightclub Pacha, and is listed in critical condition. The brother, whose name has also not been disclosed, was first introduced to hip-hop fans in 2007 courtesy of the punching incident between then rivals Tru Life and Cam’ron. According to various reports, the brother joined Tru Life in confronting Cam’ron outside of Club Stereo and after an escalation of words and some reports alleging the brother even threatened to shoot up the venue, Tru Life assaulted the Dipset founder with a single punch to the face. (All Hip Hop)

Despite past differences with Cam, Tru recently said he was beef-free.

“I ain’t got beef with nobody, I ain’t thinkin’ about nobody,” Tru explained. “So you n*ggas can stop asking me about Cam and Jim. Man, I don’t give a f*ck about nobody, I’ll tell you like this man, I’m from ‘Swagaria,’ I’m ‘Swagarian,” I’m on my fly sh*t man. Gucci up all the time…I ain’t worried about nobody else doing or what they’re talkin’ about. A n*gga got beef with me, well hey, when you see me then pop off. It is what it is…I ain’t got beef with nobody, but if a n*gga want beef then hey, we gonna handle our business when we see each other. Other than that, I ain’t got no beef with nobody. Like I said, shout-out to Cam’ron, shout-out to Jim Jones, shout-out to Dipset, I don’t give a f*ck about none of that.” (The Big Picture)

He also recently discussed why he wanted to leave Jay-Z‘s former label, Def Jam, at the height of his career.

“We took a break for a year and a half, my head was cluttered with all the drama,” Tru said in an interview. “Some of the obvioius, drama with Dipset and everybody else and Jay was leaving Def Jam…I found out early so I asked Jay to get me off Def Jam and he did it quietly while he was at Def Jam…I never got dropped, I’m Roc-A-Fella ’til the day I die…Jay got me off Def Jam, I didn’t wanna be there without him either…I knew ahead of time before people so I decide I wanted to leave, Jay pushed my paperwork through, they did it quietly. Def Jam didn’t even know I was off of Def Jam.” (Rock Me TV)

As of today (June 17), no arrests have been made regarding the stabbing.

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