Tru Life Accuses Diddy Of Swagger Jacking, “You Gotta Cut It Out Puff” [Video]

Tru Life Accuses Diddy Of Swagger Jacking, “You Gotta Cut It Out Puff” [Video]

Former Roc-A-Fella artist Tru Life recently called out Diddy‘s “swagger jacking” and claimed he was the originator of one of Puff’s recent antics.

Launching his own Lizzy blog, the rapper uses the first posting to jokingly call out the Bad Boy CEO.

“I just got the phone call from the homies, n*ggas told me this is the worst case of b*tch*ssness they ever seen in their motherf*cking life man,” Tru said in a video. “Eh yo Puff man, come on man, you swagger jackin’ your boy now? You coulda hollered at your boy, you know, I’m a six in the mornin’ n*gga like you…We coulda sat down over breakfast and did this like real n*ggas, a gangsta and a gentleman. I’m the original cereal killer. I seen you pouring Ciroc in there, I don’t know if it was water or what you were doing. You ain’t even went through and eat the sh*t…I don’t want you to take this personal Puff, you hear me, don’t call up Jay[-Z] like that, chill my nig…You gotta cut it out, Puff, that b*tch*ssness you got, that sh*t worst than the motherf*cking swine flu my nig…You coulda just hollered at your boy Puff.” (Lizzy Blog)

Diddy previously aired a clip of his “Swagger Like Puff” which showed him pouring orange juice into his Fruit Loops cereal.

“Mr. Combs is in the building/I’ll take your b*tch, Ill crush your building/F*ck it I’ll give her children/Swag at a hundred, trillion,” Diddy rapped on the song. “Zillion/Bitch Brazilian, hair color chameleon’s, skin tone vanilla, two scoops of chilling./Ciroc Blue Ice/Anything you do, I do twice/What you do, I don’t do like you/No one on the planet, nobody more famous.” (“Swagger Like Puff”)

Tru recently discussed his absence from hip-hop for the past few years and why he wanted to leave Def Jam.

“We took a break for a year and a half, my head was cluttered with all the drama,” Tru said in an interview. “Some of the obvioius, drama with Dipset and everybody else and Jay was leaving Def Jam…I found out early so I asked Jay to get me off Def Jam and he did it quietly while he was at Def Jam…I never got dropped, I’m Roc-A-Fella ’til the day I die…Jay got me off Def Jam, I didn’t wanna be there without him either…I knew ahead of time before people so I decide I wanted to leave, Jay pushed my paperwork through, they did it quietly. Def Jam didn’t even know I was off of Def Jam.” (Rock Me TV)

Check out Tru Life speaking on Diddy’s swagger jacking below:

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