Triple C’s On Working W/ The Game & Mack 10, “These Are Moves A Boss Is Supposed To Make” [Video]

Triple C’s On Working W/ The Game & Mack 10, “These Are Moves A Boss Is Supposed To Make” [Video]

With this week’s release of Rick Ross and Triple C’s new album, Custom Cars & Cycles, SOHH sat down with the four-member team to discuss why they decided to shine light on the West Coast with features by The Game, Mack 10 and Warren G.

According to Ross, the West is known for providing the “gangster” music he has been inspired by.

“You know, I’m fans of the West Coast music, you know, that’s who created that gangsta sh*t,” Ross explained. “And that was the formula I always followed. If I wanna learn to play basketball, I wanna learn from Michael Jordan. If I wanna play football, you know, be a quarterback, I wanna [learn from] Dan Marino. And when it comes to that gangster sh*t, the West Coast bred us on that. Not only that, it’s a huge market. And I would love to tap in to [it] and that’s where you get a Game, then I brought out a legend such as Mack 10. I felt all the young street n*ggas wanted to hear him and then I brought out Warren G. You know, these are moves I feel a boss is supposed to make.” (SOHH)

Gunplay also said the music represented quality records and provided a real feel.

“I love it, it just shows, you know, real n*ggas getting together and making good music,” Gunplay added. “West Coast, South, Texas, New York, they from all over. Bun B. Yo Gotti.” (SOHH)

Speaking from a music video shoot with Triple C’s, The Game discussed his relationship with Ross’ camp.

“They my homies and I just ride with my homies, that’s just what I do,” Game said about Ross’ crew. “So Rick Ross out here doing his thing, he’s out here in L.A. — everybody cool out here, I keep it all the way one hundred. I respect the streets and the streets respect me, it’s mutual but it’s a love thing. It’s L.A., it’s where I’m from, Compton, California, Los Angeles county. We just keep it one hundred all the way around the board and that’s how you maintain your hood sh*t.” (Urban Spin)

50 Cent recently made his prediction on the group’s new album’s chance of moving units upon its release today.

“Triple Cs is next,” Fif promised. “And then Rick Ross is going to follow that failure. Def Jam dumped a whole lot of marketing dollars into trying combat me with Rick Ross. More money than they should have. What his numbers were versus what Jadakiss did, didn’t make financial sense. So the next go-around, they’re going to give him his fair share instead that extra piece of pie. Then you’re going to see where he really is.” (Complex)

Check out Rick Ross & Triple C’s SOHH interview below:

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