Trinidad Promises To Get To The ‘Budden’ Of The Story: “I See Joe, I’ma See What’s Up” [Video]

Trinidad Promises To Get To The ‘Budden’ Of The Story: “I See Joe, I’ma See What’s Up” [Video]

Atlanta rapper Trinidad James is clearing up speculation of having serious issues with Joe Budden over getting name-checked on his “Control” freestyle and said he has no immediate plans to fight him.

According to James, he never announced plans to specifically attack Budden but did say people should get to know him before making one-sided judgements.

“I never said I would put hands on Joe,” Trinidad clarified. “I said nobody name in particular who I would put hands on. I said, in general, if people want to not like me for no reason — if you want to not like me or you want to judge me off of one song, or whatever, eh man, you ain’t going to stop me from doing it. If you want to do something about it, come on. That’s what I’m about. I’m not going to diss you. I’m not going to do that, especially if I know you. If I don’t know you, I don’t care.” (“The Breakfast Club”)

Trinidad also revealed he has never met Budden but planned to get to the bottom of his lyrics if they ever meet face-to-face.

“The whole thing in life, I’ve never seen Joe. I see Joe, I’ma see what’s up. I’m gonna see what’s up, I’m going to say, ‘Hey, what’s going on?’ because it’s all love to me. If it’s a problem, it’s a problem. That’s life.” (“The Breakfast Club”)

A few days ago, James said there is no honor or respect in calling artists out.

“It’s all love, I mean, I make music to answer a lot of those types of questions,” James said in an interview when asked about Budden’s lines. “I don’t consider it a diss. I’m from the streets so a n*gga talking is like a n*gga talking. A n*gga punching, you don’t like me, then you fight me. That’s why I make the songs to let you know, if you don’t like me, then you can fight me. I’m never going to diss you back, we gonna throw these hands back and forth. That’s all this is about.” (King Bishop Pro)

On Budden’s new “Lost Control” track, he uses James for a witty punchline.

“This ain’t for self proclaimed legends that nobody wanna hear from /Scared? get a gun, come to peers, I got none /This ain’t for bandwagon fans sit y’all a**es in the same spot /Y’all the same n*ggas made Trinidad Jame$ hot /This ain’t to Kendrick Lamar, the n*gga Kendrick got bars /I heard his sh*t and wasn’t offended at all /And as it played I heard him say I wasn’t mentioned with y’all” (“Lost Control”)

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Check out Trinidad James’ interview:

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