Trinidad James Warns The Ladies: “Every Dude Has A Side Chick”

Trinidad James Warns The Ladies: “Every Dude Has A Side Chick”

Atlanta rapper Trinidad James recently explained what exactly he means by the expression “Turnt Up” and why every female in the world should be cautious of their boyfriend’s potential to cheat.

In James’ perspective, 90 percent of all men have a woman on the side while in a relationship.

On “Females Welcomed,” Trinidad James raps that his side bitch is now his main bitch, cause his main ho, ain’t feeling him no mo’. “Every dude has a side chick, like 9 out 10,” he tells VIBE. We caught up with the Def Jam rapper a few weeks back were he dished the details of his love life and explained to us what “turnt up” means to him, with his “I Luv This Sh*t” collaborator August Alsina in tow. “Turning up is when the people can feel it,” says James. “You can say you’re ‘turnt up’ all you want to, but when the pepole are turnt, you’re gonna know you’re really turning up. All the other shit, it sound really cute.” (VIBE)

Recently, New York’s DJ Envy publicly admitted to cheating on his wife.

“A couple of months ago, I called my wife on air and asked her for forgiveness. I told her I needed to change. I had a close relationship with God and I changed. Now, my wife, has been with me over 18 years. We’ve been married 11 years. The best heart that you’ll ever know. She’s that type of person that’ll change your life. … It’s a difficult thing to do. Sometimes being married, it makes you insecure dude. I looked like I had everything. It was scary; my wife is gorgeous. She might need somebody that’s smarter than me. It made me insecure.” (Power 105.1)

The renowned East Coast deejay blamed insecurity issues for fueling his affairs.

“With being insecure, with me being weak. I was so insecure and so down..I started messing with somebody that was beneath me. A bird. Evil. A liar. Somebody that was desperate and its just so pathetic. I mean, I didn’t have to feed this person no feed. I didn’t have to make her feel special, because she wasn’t. So that’s what it was. … With the help of God, this situation has made my family tighter. Like tighter. I’m honest. I had to be honest with myself. And the hardest thing I had to do was tell my wife EVERYTHING. When I say everything. She looked at me so different. To look at my family. So you guys follow me on twitter. We’re good. We’re not great. I don’t know what happens from here. Now if we remain together, as a relationship, we’ll see. But as a family, nobody’s stopping us. I just want to tell you ‘I love you. And we’ll see what God has in store for us.'” (Power 105.1)

Coincidentally, “Love & Hip Hop” couple Consequence and Jen the Pen accused reality star Kim Kardashian of cheating on her former NFL boyfriend with Kanye West a few years ago.

“Cons did nothing to him. Nothing. I’m telling you, I hear this man’s every single conversation — I know every single thing that has ever happened, and I could say on my son, he never did anything to Kanye for Kanye not to give a congratulations [for our newborn baby], to him or to me, for that matter. … When he ‘was’ sticking Kim, when he ‘was’ sticking Kim, when Kim was with Reggie, you know whose secret that was? That was our secret, when the rest of the world didn’t know. No one blew up his spot. He had his back. Every night that man called, ‘What do I do? What do I do, you know, about Kim? I need to be with her, I want to be with her,’ this, that and the third. That secret was in ‘my’ home.” (“The Breakfast Club”)