Trinidad James Responds To J. Cole’s “Born Sinner” Jab

Trinidad James Responds To J. Cole’s “Born Sinner” Jab

Atlanta rapper Trinidad James is not letting the small stuff bother him these days, especially in regard to a direct shot fired his way courtesy of Roc Nation’s J. Cole.

Despite being name-checked on Cole’s “Villuminati,” James said Cole merely used the Born Sinner album opener to express his true feelings.

“He was just expressing himself,” he told MTV News on Saturday backstage at Power 106’s Powerhouse concert in Los Angeles. “Just in general if you really step back and listen to the song, he was just spittin’ how he felt and I can’t never be mad at somebody spittin’ how they feel.” (MTV)

On the track, Jermaine compares today’s music scene to the one his father grew up listening to.

“My pops was club hopping back when Rick James was out/And all I get is Trinidad James/Wait a minute that’s strange/Sip a bit of champagne, say f*ck/If the hoes like it/I love it n*gga n*gga n*gga/Used to watch Rap City Big Tigga Tigga/Rap nerd even copped Rah Digga Digga” (“Villuminati”)

Earlier this year, James caught heat for making a catchy drug reference on his “All Gold Everything” anthem.

“Grow the f*ck up man, I mean come on bruh. I’m not the first person to ever say something about Molly, I guarantee I’m not. All I was speaking about is my own experience. When I say, ‘Popped a Molly, I’m sweating’ or whatever, n*gga, I said that because within that same month of making that song, that was my first time trying Molly and that’s what happen when I god d*mn took a Molly. That’s all, I’m not telling your kids to go out there and do no d*mn Molly. It’s all on you how you raise your kids, Trinidad James don’t raise your d*mn kids. That’s how it made me feel, though. … How I felt, that’s just how real my music is, I didn’t just tell you, I gave you the experience. … I’m not the walking Molly spokesperson. Get the f*ck out of here. That’s crazy. People made me hate Molly, I don’t even want to look at it. If I see any time of white powder I just walk away.” (Shade 45)

Over the winter, former Def Jam VP of A&R Sha Money XL spoke up in defense of James’ music getting criticized.

“I think it’s really still about the music. Trinidad [James] created a record that everyone can say they liked,” he said. “No matter how much they make fun of him and mash him up with the jokes, they like the d*mn [‘All Gold Everything’] record. Music is music. The formula, when you talk about mixtapes and how you put content out, you have the seed to plant. You create awareness, and you grow. That’s a formula we all see. But I think the ultimate part of the formula is that the music has gotta be dope.” (HHDX)

Check out “Villuminati”:

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