Trinidad James Names His Fave “All Gold Everything” Parody

Trinidad James Names His Fave “All Gold Everything” Parody

After exploding onto the music scene last year with his infectious “All Gold Everything” anthem, Atlanta rapper Trinidad James recently revealed his favorite parody of the hit song.

Despite handfuls of efforts, James crowned R&B singer Justin Timberlake‘s version the funniest.

“The Justin Timberlake spoof, that was pretty much the dopest one. I liked it a lot,” Trinidad told MTV News of Timberlake’s “Saturday Night Live” “Veganville” sketch where the pop star rapped about healthy meat alternatives, while dressed up as tofu. “Don’t believe it taste great,” Justin spit, mimicking Trinidad’s “All Gold” flow. It doesn’t seem as if there are any concrete plans, but if given the opportunity, TJ says he’ll be more than down to work with JT. “Definitely if we’re doing real music and not spoofs, I’ll definitely work with Justin,” said Jame$. “What kind of question is that? It’s like, ‘Do you love Jesus? Yeah, I love Jesus!’ ” (MTV)

Timberlake’s comedic take on “All Gold Everything” aired last month on “Saturday Night Live.”

This weekend, boybander turned pop star turned actor turned pop star again Justin Timberlake took on the role of Saturday Night Live host for the fifth time in his career, joining an elite club of returning hosts. He reprised his hit role from 2003’s “Omletteville” sketch, this time named “Veganville”, parodying hit songs while dressed as a piece of tofu. One of the funniest moments was his parody of Trinidad James’ “All Gold Everything”, a track that Reservoir writer and one of MTV’s “Hottest MC’s” 2 Chainz recently lent some verses to. To give you a taste of what to expect, Justin starts out by rapping, “legumes all on my plate…” (Reservoir-Media)

Recently, “SNL” actor Jay Pharoah gave his own rendition of the record.

Instead of “All Gold Everything,” Pharoah delivers “All Food Everything,” which plays out pretty much exactly as you’d expect. Okay, it’s quite possible that you didn’t predict the cameo from No Chainz — a parody of our REAL Hottest MC, 2 Chainz, who sports a necklace made of paperclips — but the rest is fairly by the numbers. Tomas raps about the meals that he’s making, plus their eventual exit from his body, while poking fun at Based-rap repetition and “swag!” interjections. The biggest shot Pharoah takes at James comes with the ugly fake teeth he wears throughout the clip. (The actual rapper’s snaggly gold grill adorns the cover of Don’t Be S.A.F.E., one of our Best Hip-Hop Albums of 2012.) (SPIN)

Back in mid-December, New York radio station Hot 97 made a parody video of James’ hit record.

Consider this your ratchet moment of the day. Hot97 really took it there and remixed Martin Lawrence’s unforgettable character Jerome with Trinidad’s buzzing single, “All Gold Everything.” Seriously, this is definitely worth 2 minutes of unproductivity. (Miss Info TV)

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