Trinidad James Keeps The Maserati In The Lot: “I’m Not That Guy”

Trinidad James Keeps The Maserati In The Lot: “I’m Not That Guy”

Newly signed Def Jam rapper Trinidad James recently expanded on his new record label situation and downplayed the hype surrounding the alleged $2 million contract.

Instead of splurging his money all at once, James assured fans he is focused on continuing his music grind before toasting to the riches.

It was announced on Thursday that James signed a joint venture deal with the historic hip-hop label, and though no sources would confirm it, the contract is said to be worth $2 million. The next day MTV News caught up with Trinidad to see how life has changed for him and whether he treated himself to something nice for a job well done. “Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy, but I’m just not the type of guy to be like, ‘Oh, ahh, let’s go buy a Maserati.’ Nah, I’m not that guy,” he said. When MTV News correspondent and “RapFix Live” host Sway Calloway asked the 25-year-old about Def Jam, he played coy but hinted that the label was a front-runner in the Trinidad James sweepstakes. “Historic, historic, a lot of respect,” he said, describing what would become his new recording home. (MTV)

A few days ago, James said he had no intention of overly celebrating his latest achievement.

“I mean, I don’t really celebrate things like this. I just thank God for it and keep moving. I was already grinding and working, doing my thing so just in general this isn’t doing nothing but adding more feel to the feeling I already had. We were already out of here. Shout-out to Def Jam for recognizing. … My inspiration comes from life and everything in life because all I rap about is real life. The real things that’s going on in my life. So I don’t ever call any artists’ names, because – for what? When you hear something, you’re gonna know where it came from. … Highlight of 2012? Signing to Def Jam.” (Power 106 FM)

Entering the weekend, James’ manager Fly spoke on the new record deal.

“We sat down with everybody,” Trinidad James’ manager, Fly, told CBS Local. “We went with Def Jam because it’s credible. They breed hip-hop culture. And at the end of the day, the deal terms were right. … The thing about it is, you have to be able to change. If you can’t change, you’re not going to grow. That’s what separates the winners and losers.” (CBS Local)

Both Trinidad and Def Jam head Joie Manda confirmed the partnership late last week.

“Def Jam, thank you for believing,” says Trinidad James. The signing also includes a joint venture with the rapper’s Gold Gang Records. Trinidad is now on the same imprint as Kanye West, 2 Chainz and more. “We’re excited to welcome a young talent like Trinidad James to the Def Jam family,” Joie Manda says. “Def Jam prides itself as both a cornerstone of hip-hop’s rich tradition, and as a vital, forward-thinking label dedicated to breaking and nurturing emerging artists. Trinidad James represents the cutting-edge of what’s happening in the culture today. We are thrilled to have him at the label, and look forward to growing his already massive buzz.” (Billboard)

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