Trinidad James Isn’t Gunning For Jay Z Or Lil Wayne’s Spot: “F**k Being The Best Rapper”

Trinidad James Isn’t Gunning For Jay Z Or Lil Wayne’s Spot: “F**k Being The Best Rapper”

Atlanta rapper Trinidad James may be a hip-hop artist by trade but he is letting the world know the last thing on his mind is trying to be the best entertainer in the world.

Despite most artists thriving for rap’s top spot, James revealed he is not interested in being number one this week.

“Small stuff like this keep me motivated to keep working man. I love people who give me a musical chance. I’m just trying to give y’all the real. Fuck being the best rapper. Best rapper didn’t buy me or my momma car or crib. So you keep trying to be the best rapper. I’ma stay being the realest. #dreambelieveturnup,” James posted onto Instagram November 28. (Trinidad James’ Instagram)

Earlier this month, Trinidad stepped forward to address dicey comments he made about the New York rap scene.

“I went back and looked back at what I said out my mouth. I said, “Atlanta runs New York musically.” That’s what I said, word for word. But before I said that, I was talking about the times when us in Atlanta was driving to New York to get the Dipset mixtapes, because New York music was New York music. It was a New York sound. It’s no way humanly possible that Atlanta could ever run New York. Like I said, this was my first show where I was incorporating my new style of show – we don’t say everything perfectly. I know what I meant and somebody knows me knows what I meant, but somebody who doesn’t know me – and you already have so much animosity toward me because of who I am – is gonna take it some sort of way, so I get it. I’m still not apologizing for anything, but I get why you could be upset.” (XXL Mag)

Trinidad also explained why his critics should not consider him a regular rapper.

“Honestly, what really sucks is that I do so many positive things, so many things to try to do better. I don’t care nothing about rapping. Period. I don’t even consider myself a rapper at all. I consider myself a person who is out here just to tell you the truth. I’m your dad – that’s how I look at myself. If it comes across as rap to you, then you call it what it is, but I don’t consider myself a rapper. I came into the game thinking I’m in the rap game so I have to be a rapper, but when I really realized who Nick is and who is the person in the mirror, I’m not a rapper. I’m a person who is going to tell you the real. I’m a person who loves doing the shows and entertaining people and making people happy. That’s who I am and that’s who I’m going to be regardless of what anybody says and what anybody thinks.” (XXL Mag)

No stranger to controversy, the ATL rapper spoke out on the heat he received over his now-infamous “Molly” drug reference earlier this year.

“Grow the f*ck up man, I mean come on bruh. I’m not the first person to ever say something about Molly, I guarantee I’m not. All I was speaking about is my own experience. When I say, ‘Popped a Molly, I’m sweating’ or whatever, n*gga, I said that because within that same month of making that song, that was my first time trying Molly and that’s what happen when I god d*mn took a Molly. That’s all, I’m not telling your kids to go out there and do no d*mn Molly. It’s all on you how you raise your kids, Trinidad James don’t raise your d*mn kids. That’s how it made me feel, though. … How I felt, that’s just how real my music is, I didn’t just tell you, I gave you the experience. … I’m not the walking Molly spokesperson. Get the f*ck out of here. That’s crazy. People made me hate Molly, I don’t even want to look at it. If I see any time of white powder I just walk away.” (Shade 45)

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