Trinidad James Isn’t A One-Hit Wonder, Says T.I.

Trinidad James Isn’t A One-Hit Wonder, Says T.I.

Atlanta rap veteran T.I. recently discussed the buzz surrounding his city courtesy of Trinidad James‘ “All Gold Everything” anthem and why the fellow ATL rapper is here for the long haul.

In Tip’s perspective, James is what the future of hip-hop could very easily look like.

For T.I., appearing on the remix and video was simply a matter of pride in the city he helped to put on the hip-hop map. “When Atlanta first came out, it made a huge impact on the scene, but it was thought to be something that was gonna be fly-by-night — here today gone tomorrow, and we withstood the test of time,” Tip explained between filming shots. “Trinidad is an example of that new generation of what’s next to come, because there’s still a lot of talent out here,” he said. “He’s gonna be one of the ones spearheading the charge to the future.” (MTV)

James also recently spoke on tagging Atlanta legends like Tip and Young Jeezy for his “All Gold Everything” remix.

“I did everything A-Town just to show people that I love where I come from. I still do,” James said in an interview. “That’s why I had to start off the year right, why not do the remix with ATL legends?” (MTV)

Recently, Maybach Music Group’s Meek Mill spoke on the buzz behind James’ current movement.

“Trinidad James is spitting that fire right now,” Meek said in an interview. “He’s shining, he’s living, he’s buzzing fast. He’s doing his thing. All love. You know what I’m saying? He’s a cool homie. I met him a couple of times, he’s a cool boy. He’s doing his thing.” (Rap-Up TV)

Last month, Def Jam VP of A&R Sha Money XL addressed some fan backlash Trinidad has received but noted how popular “All Gold Everything” is.

“I think it’s really still about the music. Trinidad [James] created a record that everyone can say they liked,” he said. “No matter how much they make fun of him and mash him up with the jokes, they like the d*mn [‘All Gold Everything’] record. Music is music. The formula, when you talk about mixtapes and how you put content out, you have the seed to plant. You create awareness, and you grow. That’s a formula we all see. But I think the ultimate part of the formula is that the music has gotta be dope.” (HHDX)

Check out the “All Gold Everything” Atlanta remix:

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