Trinidad James Blasts NY Rappers, Smoke DZA & Maino Respond: “Imma Brush Those Teeth When I See You Baby Boy” [Video]

Trinidad James Blasts NY Rappers, Smoke DZA & Maino Respond: “Imma Brush Those Teeth When I See You Baby Boy” [Video]

Atlanta rapper Trinidad James is catching some serious backlash after going off on the state of hip-hop, notably in the New York area, during a concert this week.

During his appearance at Converse Rubber Tracks last night (November 12), James spoke on the New York rap scene falling off.

“I remember when New York ran this sh*t, dog. When Dipset was f*ckin’ turned the f*ck up. Oh my God. I gotta wear my bandana on tilt like Juelz. What the f*ck happened, dog? What happened? I remember when New York rap was the sh*t. And us in the South, us bammas, we was like ‘what the f*ck’ and we just did our own thing. But now we run y’all musically. That’s crazy. That’s crazy. That’s crazy, my n*gga. That’s crazy. I’m not trying to start nothing, but if you want to do something we can do something cause I don’t give a f*ck. I looked up to New York music. And now every n*gga that’s really poppin’ out of New York, you might as well tell they from Atlanta. ‘He from Atlanta. He from Atlanta. He from Atlanta.’ I’m just putting it out there. Y’all got more bloggers–y’all got n*ggas interviewing more popular than n*ggas that’s rapping.” (Woogie 2 Woogie)

Shortly after the footage went viral, Harlem rapper Smoke DZA responded to James’ comments.

“im not from atlanta..,” he tweeted November 13.

“its easy for n*ggas to say what the want in front of f*cking nerds and d*cksuckers who enjoy that type of sh*t”

“sick of u n*ggas disrespecting my city like its not real n*ggas out here thats bout that.. LIKE ME”

“James is wilding…”

“this sh*t is disrespectful.. and i got love for every city every n*gga rocking, but that sh*t is wild to me..”

“1 n*gga use it in a bar the next thing its a flood gate of n*ggas jumping out the window.. yall gotta stay strong.. make music n get paid b” (Smoke DZA’s Twitter)

Brooklyn rapper Maino showed no mercy and went in on James.

“S/O to all the NY n*ggas who let this Rotten Teeth n*gga @TrinidadJamesGG disrespect us lastnite! #whathappened,” Maino tweeted.

“Somebody wake @TAXSTONE up tell’em this nasty mouth n*gga @TrinidadJamesGG is on the menu. #whathappened”

“after we clean this guy @trinidadjamesGG up I’m straighten a few of u NY n*ggas out for being the V*ginas that u R!”

“Heyy buddy @trinidadjamesGG I’ll be ur Huckleberry! Lol imma brush those teeth when I see u baby boy. U a street n*gga rite? Lmao” (Maino’s Twitter)

Trinidad has already jumped onto his Twitter page to respond to both rappers.

“@smokedza if you the real n*gga that I know you to be then you can hit my line and stop listening to these f*ck n*ggas in yo city. U Kno Me.”

“@mainohustlehard you a real nigga Bruh. You don’t have to say that on twitter. You better than that. u can hit my line my n*gga. That’s 100″ (Trinidad James’ Twitter)

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Check out Trinidad James’ comments:

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