Trina’s Brother Murdered In Miami: “It’s A Terrible Tragedy”

Trina’s Brother Murdered In Miami: “It’s A Terrible Tragedy”

Southern rapper Trina has reportedly lost her brother, Wilbrent “Gonk” Bain, due to fatal gunfire early Tuesday (April 23) morning.

According to reports, the hip-hop artist’s brother had his life taken Tuesday in their Miami hometown.

The brother of the famous female rapper Trina was shot and killed Tuesday morning in northwest Miami, residents said. Wilbrent Bain, who goes by the nickname “Gonk,” was shot at about 10 a.m. on Northwest 91st Street, neighbors said. Bain lived his entire life in northwest Miami, where he is well known. “Now, I’m hurt because this man is gone for no reason at all,” neighbor Demetrius Hammond said. “He was a close friend to me.” “He’s a very good kid,” family friend the Rev. Gary Johnson said. “It’s unfortunate. It’s a terrible tragedy.” (NBC Miami)

While details are still scarce, reports claim there is at least one person in police custody

Miami-Dade Police said someone is in custody, but they have not released that person’s name. Bain survived a shooting in 2008 and had a record of gun possession, burglary, drugs, and domestic violence involving strangulation, records showed. Neighbors told NBC 6 that Bain and the man who shot him were friends and lived around the corner from each other at Northwest 91st Street and 24th Avenue. Mutual friends said they think an ongoing fight between the two got out of hand. “It hit me hard because I just talked to him,” said a neighbor who only wanted to go by “Trimel.” “This killing has to stop. It has to. All of us grew up together and that’s just senseless.” “We need to take our black folks back,” neighbor CJ James said. “All of us need to be united and come together.” Trimel suggested easy access to weapons contributes to the violence. “It’s a gun problem more than anything because anyone can just get a gun,” the neighbor said. “I guarantee if you walk around this neighborhood now I bet you you’ll get it.” (NBC Miami)

Outside of the loss, Trina recently talked about her chemistry working alongside rumored boyfriend French Montana.

“Hi Angie,” Trina said. “Hi Angie! Thank-you. … I’ve been working out. He actually did executive produce the mixtape and it was great, it was amazing. It was great to have his energy. He’s very creative. Believe it or not and very focused when it comes to the studio — the chemistry was really great for me to cling on to him and work on more projects and more music. He put together a lot of great records for the mixtape.” (“The Angie Martinez Show”)

Back in December, Trina revealed how she linked up with French for some music-making.

“We went into the studio, just vibing and listening to the records,” Trina said in an interview. “[French] asked me if I was working on my album, and I said ‘of course’ and it was just like instant chemistry. He played me a bunch of tracks and unreleased music and I liked the sound and the direction. He was like let’s work together let’s make it happen and he made it happen.” (AHH)

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