Trina Talks Leaked Nude Photos, “I Had Some Pictures Of Me That I Don’t Want The World To See” [Audio]

Trina Talks Leaked Nude Photos, “I Had Some Pictures Of Me That I Don’t Want The World To See” [Audio]

Rapper Trina has revealed that a cell phone she recently lost contains content that she would be “devastated” to see get leaked.

Speaking in an interview, Trina opened up about her lost phone.

“I lost my phone and I had some pictures of me that I don’t want the world to see,” Trina said in an interview. “And I’m thinking, if it ever comes out, I’m devastated, but I mean, it’s not sex tape pictures but still, I don’t want you to see them, they’re not for you. But losing a phone and all this stuff happens — but it’s a wake up call…I just feel like, what’s personal is personal. I don’t feel like, as an artist, like I need to do anything to expose myself. I don’t need to put out a nude photo for press…I don’t need a sex tape of me and my, my significant other to be worldwide, for the world to see.” (STR8 NYC)

Reports claim her phone may have been stolen over the weekend.

Trina’s story that her cell phone turned up missing while she was onstage performing at BET’s Rip The Runway, does hold water. Theft is a well-known problem at fashion shows. Especially when the shows aren’t organized properly and models have every Tom, Dick and Shanaynay visiting them in the dressing rooms. Sometimes the models themselves steal from each other. Just hang around long enough after a fashion show and you’re bound to hear models complaining about personal items turning up missing. (Sandra Rose)

Trina recently denied rumors of dating rapper Soulja Boy Tell Em.

“Actually I was in Jamaica, I was supposed to perform on the Jamaica, I think it was like the Jamaica Dance Fest or whatever,” Trina told radio personality Angela Yee. “And Soulja Boy was supposed to perform on the same show, and I just recorded a record for him which is called ‘Like That.’ And they were trying to shoot some scenes for his video for that record so it was all fun, we all went out. We were just skiing. We were supposed to do the whole sky diving thing or whatever, and I was just looking up at that balloon like ‘I don’t think I’m getting up there,’ but it was really cool. I got a chance to perform, it rained, we just had a good time…No we weren’t grinding, Angie. [laughs]” (Sirius 45)

Trina recently joined forces with rap mogul Diddy‘s Circoc Vodka brand.

“Things are gonna be real big,” Diddy said about Trina. “She’s an official Ciroc girl…Ciroc is gonna be promoting her album, she’s gonna be helping us, we gonna be doing it together. We got a new partnership that we rocking with but most importantly, the record and a video is off the chain…You gonna see us performing the joint live, too. She’s gonna have the full-length chinchilla and just be buckey-naked with some stickies on. You know what I’m saying, because the body is thorough. Believe that, she’s in the gym!” (Slip N Slide Records)

Check out Trina addressing her lost phone below:

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