Trina & French Montana Can’t Dodge Steamy Rumors: “Nah, Come On” [Video]

Trina & French Montana Can’t Dodge Steamy Rumors: “Nah, Come On” [Video]

Bad Boy Records’ French Montana and Trina fell victim to questions about their alleged romantic fling and just how serious they are away from the studio.

While French playfully dodged the hook-up questions, he did focus on how much time he dedicated to working with Trina on a recent mixtape project.

“She’s doing a photo shoot,” Montana laughingly said when asked why Trina accompanied him to his interview. “She was here. She was doing something next door with Carmelo [Anthony]. Nah, come on. Every time she comes in town, she just hollers. She’s my homie. … We got a big record together called ‘Tic Toc.’ … That’s Trina’s record. [We have one for myself too.] Yup. Yeah. We working. We get a lot of work done. [laughs] I’m helping her out, she’s helping me out with music. I executive produced her mixtape. Yeah.” (“The Angie Martinez Show”)

Trina also kept things business professional by talking about her respect and admiration for the Bad Boy.

“Hi Angie,” Trina said. “Hi Angie! Thank-you. … I’ve been working out. He actually did executive produce the mixtape and it was great, it was amazing. It was great to have his energy. He’s very creative. Believe it or not and very focused when it comes to the studio — the chemistry was really great for me to cling on to him and work on more projects and more music. He put together a lot of great records for the mixtape.” (“The Angie Martinez Show”)

Back in December, Trina revealed how she linked up with French for some music-making.

“We went into the studio, just vibing and listening to the records,” Trina said in an interview. “[French] asked me if I was working on my album, and I said ‘of course’ and it was just like instant chemistry. He played me a bunch of tracks and unreleased music and I liked the sound and the direction. He was like let’s work together let’s make it happen and he made it happen.” (AHH)

In late November, the two hip-hop stars were spotted on numerous occasions together.

First French was married, and I believe still is. Then French was linked to model Keyshia K’aoir while still having sex with groupies and strippers world wide and admitting it. Now rumors are swirling that French Montana and rapper Trina are an item and have also been spotted taking trips together in a private jet. I guess this is an upgrade from that time she was dating Soulja Boy. Definitely a downgrade from all her other Ballers though, but what do I know? (Baller Alert)

Check out French Montana & Trina’s interview:

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