Trick Daddy Reveals Health Problems, “I Have The Disease Lupus” [Audio]

Trick Daddy Reveals Health Problems, “I Have The Disease Lupus” [Audio]

Southern rapper Trick Daddy recently revealed he is currently engaged in an on-going battle with lupus.

In an interview on “The Travis Smiley Morning Show,” Trick detailed his current condition.

“I went to the doctor like 12 years ago,” Trick explained. “He took all kinds of tests, because I was trying to get rid of what we call dry skin, did biopsies and blood tests and swab tests. She told me some type of way I have the disease, lupus. It’s one of the simplest forms but I am allergic highly to the sun, that’s my worst enemy. That’s like an AK-47 with a double clip on it…I could jeopardize kidney and liver failure from the treatment and the medication. And then what I learned a couple years later, a lady that I call my grandma she from down South, she has it to where she’s almost terminally ill…It makes your skin pigment…My momma had 11 children from 10 different men, if she was strong enough to live with that, then I know I’m strong enough to live with this.” (Travis Smiley Morning Show)

Lupus has been known to take the lives of popular hip-hop artists including the late producer J Dilla in 2006.

Months later and three days after his 32nd birthday in February, J Dilla (born James Yancey) died of complications related to lupus, an inflammatory disease that can affect a person’s blood, skin, joints and kidneys. The resulting song, “Geek Down,” is a not-quite two minute blast of energy that opens “The Shining,” a posthumous disc of atmospheric instrumental tracks and hypnotic rap songs from one of underground hip-hop’s most prolific beat builders. (MSNBC)

Aside from his disease, Trick recently announced a book deal with MTV/Pocket Books to release an autobiography Magic City: Trials Of A Native Son.

The book will focus on Trick’s rise from obscurity, as one of 27 children born into poverty in Miami’s infamous Liberty Square Housing Development. The book, co-written by award-winning journalist Peter Bailey, will account the details of Trick’s life on the streets. It will chronicle his growing up as the son of a pimp and brother to a drug dealer, who was eventually murdered. (Keep It Trill)

Trick has over a decade of music within hip-hop.

Born Maurice Young in Miami, FL, the rapper originally known as Trick Daddy Dollars earned his stripes in 1996 as one of the lead rappers on Luke‘s “Scarred,” the leadoff track from the former 2 Live Crew leader’s Uncle Luke album. The song became a sizable hit among the booty crowd, and listeners were drawn to the remarkably fluid and quick flow of Trick Daddy Dollars. (All Music)

Listen to Trick Daddy detail his lupus condition below:

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