Trick Daddy On Rick Ross, “You Have To Be Careful Of Nigg*s You Put On” [Audio]

Trick Daddy On Rick Ross, “You Have To Be Careful Of Nigg*s You Put On” [Audio]

Trick Daddy recently returned to the radio airwaves to dish out more details on what sparked Rick Ross‘ recent disses and to explain his primary focus.

Aside from discussing his new album and record label, Trick told DJ Whoo Kid the negative attention from Ross is likely due to members in the rapper’s camp.

“When this whole sh*t started, you have to be careful of the n*ggas you put on, matter fact, you have to make n*ggas earn your trust ’cause you can’t open your arms out to n*ggas no more man,” Trick explained. “These n*ggas are snakes and back stabbing n*ggas…When Ross finally got his chance to get a deal, instead of n*ggas telling him, ‘Yo Ross, go holla at Trick, that’s the n*gga that been down with you all these years and that’s the n*gga you on three or four albums with, you done did shows, songs every video you got on with other n*ggas that’s the n*gga you should always [respect]’…I been knew you were a corrections officer, every n*gga know about you, so what the f*ck I got to say about you? If anything, n*ggas waiting for me to say what I’m saying now to solidify the sh*t..When a n*gga go to question me as a man and it becomes very disrespectful, it becomes very dangerous… Just respect me for who I am…I do this strictly for the thugs.” (This Is 50)

Trick previously opened up about Ross’ recent taunts with radio personality Angela Yee.

“I’d like to apologize to all my fans even the Rick Ross fans for any of this situation coming up because I know it’s gonna get bigger now because I’ve said something about it,” Trick said. “I read the blogs and would like to thank everybody for commending me for taking it like a man and knowing that I said the political correct answer and I’d also like to apologize for my kid misbehaving in class and on the radio and in concerts because I raised his a**. What happened, I let Ross start eatin’ table food too fast, you know when you don’t raise your kid they will throw their hands up at you…I just don’t understand it, I was a big Ross fan and if you check all my interviews, you check the web, radio, I never sneak dissed him, I always tell people I like Ross as an artist even when he was Teflon Don. Whatever he wanted to be, I supported him.” (Shade 45)

On “Valley of Death” Ross claims Trick has AIDS, not Lupus and said the rapper should have come clean on his own terms.

“You know, I think it’s pretty much clear,” Ross said about his Trick reference. “It is what it is. Like I said, I received a letter and I feel like when it come to a situation like this, I don’t know his situation so like I said, I ain’t feed into it. It was a letter. It is what it is…And I’m fittin’ to play it like we do in the streets, so everybody who I feel was like halfway down praying on the Boss’ downfall, I feel they gonna have to answer for that. I’m almost definitely addressing and I’ma keep addressing it. That’s why it’s always best to be one hudred from the jump. Be real from the jump. The people I show respect to ain’t got nothing to do with money and power and fame or if you hot right now, if you selling right now. I just keep it one hundred. It is what it is, we gonna wait and see.” (MTV)

Trick’s name is heard on the Ross track in relation to him possibly having the AIDS virus.

“Caught a little case, buddy had a little cheddar,” Ross raps on “Valley of Death.” “Pled out to 15, poured his life in a letter/ Very first line he called Trick Daddy stupid/ Said he had AIDS telling people that it’s lupus/ Not the one just to jump to conclusions/ I’m getting money, small talk can be a nuisance.” (“Valley of Death”)

Check out the audio of Trick Daddy’s interview below:

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