Trey Songz Shakes Off R&B Stereotype, “People Realize I Can’t Be Put Into A Box Musically”

Trey Songz Shakes Off R&B Stereotype, “People Realize I Can’t Be Put Into A Box Musically”

Singer Trey Songz recently revealed an interest in studying various genres of music outside of R&B.

According to Trigger Trey, he has multiple sounds and versatility with his craft.

“There’s a lot of thought that goes into everything. A lot of people will ask, How can a song like “LOL:-)” be on the same album as a song like, “Say Ahh” and “Panty Dropper”? What’s important is that people realize that I can’t be put into a box musically. I’ve studied all forms of music, I know probably more Jay-Z songs than the biggest Jay-Z fan. I’ve studied R. Kelly to the Isley Brothers to Stevie Wonder to Sting and Sade. You don’t have one personality everyday. You don’t have one mood. That’s the way I look at music: There’s not just one type of song I can sing.” (Complex)

Trey’s latest album, Ready, has already passed gold status since its release last fall.

R&B singer Trey Songz’s Ready fell six slots to No. 31 with 17,900. Heading into his 32nd week, the crooner’s new album stands at 647,200 copies. (SOHH Sales Wrap)

He is also currently working on a new follow-up project and reality show.

“September 14th, new album. He’s not gonna stop,” music executive Kevin Liles said in an interview about Songz’s next project. “He’s gonna keep his foot on people’s necks, and he’s going to make sure they understand that we have to redefine R&B. We have to go work hard every single day to be the best…We’ve got the Blueprint 3 [Tour experience] from the eyes of Jeezy and Trey Songz coming out. The first show airs on BET on June 27, the night of the BET Awards. The show comes first, and then right after that, the BET Awards.” (MTV)

Rap veteran Fat Joe previously revealed working on a new cut with Songz’s assistance.

“Just got to the studio,” Joe wrote Friday (February 5) night. “I got my homie Trey Songz with me we about to make some magic 2nite CRACK!!!!! I aint stoppppingggg.” (Fat Joe’s Twitter)

Check out a recent Trey Songz interview below:

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