Trey Songz Says Drake’s Ready For “Best Of Both Worlds” Album

Trey Songz Says Drake’s Ready For “Best Of Both Worlds” Album

R&B singer Trey Songz recently doled out advice for Drake as he prepares to drop an all-R&B mixtape and has revealed that the Young Money star is anxious to collaborate on an LP.

According to Songz, Drake is ready to release a Best of Both Worlds-esque album.

“What’s most important about creating that body of work is that people are gonna want to see that. People are going to want to see you perform that, and he’s already created a lane for himself as a singer. Although he really doesn’t accentuate that part of him in the forefront of his shows or things like that, I think, at this point, it’s essential that the way he does it doesn’t veer people away from the message of the artist Drake is. He’s very smart and very calculated. He’ll figure out how to do it…He said he’s ready [for a duet album]. I think it’s all about when the people want it. I don’t think people are ready for that yet. Because it’s all about placement. We could be much bigger stars when we do that. It’s all about the success we attain individually.” (VIBE)

Earlier this month, Drake talked about how soon he wanted to drop his forthcoming It’s Never Enough R&B tape.

“I’m hoping for Christmastime,” Drake said about the upcoming release. “I’d really love to get it out for Christmastime. Next month, I’ll be on tour. I’m gonna really get to put the finishing touches on it in November and December. Because it’s a mixtape, I don’t have to wait for the production of it…I’m really excited about It’s Never Enough. I might pick a beautiful woman and shoot a video. I have some ideas…It’s all new music. So all those are references. I had some references that were for Jamie Foxx, some that were for Rita Ora from Roc Nation. All the R&B stuff that recently leaked, that’s not for the tape. [‘I Get Lonely Too’] is actually the first song on the mixtape.” (MTV)

In January, Drake opened up about his ability to pen both R&B and hip-hop songs.

“With R&B, I know my sound. I know I make records to f*ck to,” he explained in an interview. “The way Jay and Wayne write rap, I write R&B. I don’t write lyrics down on paper. The other day, I was in the studio with Alicia Keys, and I wrote two songs just speaking to her. I wish I could write that way for rap. With my rap songs, there’s so much of me I have to give that I don’t know if I could ever just flow. The thing is, I’m a great rapper. There’s two elements to rap: having the thoughts, and then being a great rapper. I can really rap the sh*t that I write. My tone, my inflection. When I listen to myself on records, I don’t feel like I don’t belong there. When I listen to ‘Forever,’ with three of my heroes, I fit right in.” (Complex)

Aside from music, Songz and Drake are both involved in a new “So Kodak” photo campaign with rapper Pitbull.

As part of the initiatives, the three stars will be featured in a multi-platform advertising and marketing campaign designed to bring to life what it means to be “So Kodak,” a phrase used to describe things that are hot and worth talking about. The campaign will consist of a series of television spots helmed by music video director Chris Robinson, along with print and online advertising, exclusive events, social media engagement, and consumer promotions. (Rap-Up)

Check out a recent Drake interview down below:

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